What Is The Other Wes Moore About?


What Is The Other Wes Moore About?

Told in alternating dramatic narratives that take readers from heart-wrenching losses to moments of surprising redemption, The Other Wes Moore tells the

What is the message of the other Wes Moore?

Friendship, Family, and Brotherhood The book is not only a portrayal of the two Wes Moores; it is also a depiction of their families. Moore emphasizes the extent to which our families shape who we are, and stresses that without family support, most people have little chance of achieving success.

Why was the other Wes Moore written?

Moore originally wrote to the other Wes Moore at the Jessup Correctional Institute not with the idea of writing a book, but simply because of the novelty of sharing the same name and similar backgrounds. … First, how much research had been done, and second, “it was amazing how little he’s done with his life,” Moore said.Mar 6, 2014

Is the other Wes Moore a true story?

The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates is a 2010 nonfiction book by Wes Moore. Published by Spiegel & Grau, it describes two men of the same name who had very different life histories. … The author stated “The other Wes Moore is a drug dealer, a robber, a murderer.

What is the difference between Wes Moore and the other Wes Moore?

While the author Wes Moore is now a Rhodes scholar, renowned author, and White House Fellow, the “other” Wes Moore is currently in prison, serving a life sentence without parole for the murder of a policeman.

What is the main conflict in The Other Wes Moore?

Main Character:Wes 2

An internal conflict this Wes deals with has to do with his need for getting an upper hand and always staying with money. An external would be his drug crimes which always have him in and out of jail.

What is the social issue in The Other Wes Moore?

Some of the themes in The Other Wes Moore surround fathers, mentors, poverty, and racism. The two Wes Moores share a multitude of struggles in their youths and they deal with them in different ways.

How were the two Wes Moore’s introduced to each other?

How did the two Wes’ meet? Author Wes was in South Africa when a newspaper showed his name and that inmate Wes killed a man in an armed robbery. The author wrote the other Wes a letter in prison. The Author’s mom told him about the other Wes and that the police were searching for him.

Did the other Wes Moore finish high school?

Wes attended Valley Forge Military School for high school and junior college. … He later attended Johns Hopkins University. Along with being a decorated veteran, Wes became a Rhode Scholar with the help of his mentors.

Why was Moore drawn to life on the streets?

He wanted to draw attention to the close relationship he shared with his sister Nikki. He wanted to give the reader a glimpse into the struggles he faced as a result of being poor.

Who is Wes named after what does his middle name mean?

Author Wes father gives him the middle name Watende which means revenge will not be sought and his mother gave him Omari means highest.

What does Wes Moore’s mother decide to do following the death of Wes father?

Wes (Author) goes to Riverdale Country School. His mother wanted him to have more opportunities (educational) and to have a safe place to go to school. Author: What famous person attended the school (riverdale)?

Why was the author Wes Moore more successful than the other Wes Moore?

The author Wes Moore became more successful than the other Wes Moore because the author had more positive influences from his family and surroundings. Unlike the other Wes Moore, the author Wes Moore had a mother who cared and influenced him to make the right decisions.

What does Baltimore mean for the two mothers?

What does Baltimore mean to the two mothers? How are they similar and different from each other? It was a second chance for the mom, because she wanted to change the way they were living, getting away from the bad fighting, drug dealers, and the loss of her husband.

What happened to the other Wes Moore’s father?

Wes’s father dies in The Other Wes Moore due to a rare virus called acute epiglottis. What’s particularly tragic about Mr. Moore’s death is that it could have been avoided had his medical condition been diagnosed and treated in time.

Who is Joy Thomas Moore in The Other Wes Moore?

Joy Thomas Moore is the President and CEO of JWS Media Consulting, and she worked for many years with the Annie E. Casey Foundation in Baltimore. Early in her career, she worked in radio and TV, where she won a Peabody Award.Dec 31, 2018

What is the genre for the other Wes Moore?

Who are the main characters in the other Wes Moore?

The Other Wes Moore Characters
  • Author Wes Moore. Author Wes Moore’s full name is Westley Watende Moore. …
  • Joy Moore. Joy Moore is Author Wes Moore’s mother. …
  • Westley Moore. Westley Moore was Moore’s father. …
  • Nikki Moore. …
  • Moore’s Grandparents. …
  • Shea. …
  • Justin. …
  • Cadet Captain Ty Hill.

How does the other Wes Moore end?

Tony pleads guilty to being the gunman to avoid the death penalty and is sentenced to life in prison, but Wes pleads his innocence and goes to trial. Wes is found guilty and sentence to life in prison too.

What was the final straw that sent Wes to military school?

What was the final straw that made Joy decide to send the author to military school? She found drugs hidden in his room and he came home drunk after skipping school.

How did poverty affect the other Wes Moore?

The Impact of Poverty on Friendships

His grades began to diminish, and his personal standards for success plummeted. He was getting mostly Ds and Cs, with the pleasant surprise of a B every now and then. Wes was in third grade, but he was reading at a level a grade below him.

Why is Wes’s mother so tough on him?

author: Why did Wes’s mom slap him? Wes’s (Author) mom slapped him because he hit his sister, Shani, in the mouth. Also, she had just gotten a phone call from school, and Wes is on probation.

Why did the other Wes mother believe education was an escape?

Other Moore’s mother believed that education was an escape because it would give her a “golden ticket” to another world, a world of better employment opportunities. Her struggle for an education impacts the Other Moore by giving him the impression that it’s impossible to escape the neighborhood.

What does the other Wes decide to do at the end of the chapter?

Wes eventually decides to go the Job Corps interview, and soon afterward he packs his bag and joins Levy on the bus to the Woodland Job Corps Center.

Who was author Wes sister Nikki named after?

The central idea of pages 6–7 of The Other Wes Moore is the meaning behind Wes’s and Nikki’s names. Readers are told that Wes has two middle names because his parents could not choose between them. His sister, Nikki, is really named Joy after their mother, but she goes by Nikki after the poet Nikki Giovanni.

What is Robin Hood Wes Moore?

Chief Executive Officer, Robin Hood. Wes Moore is the Chief Executive Officer of Robin Hood, one of the largest anti-poverty forces in the nation. He is a bestselling author, a combat veteran, and a social entrepreneur.

Who is Cheryl and what happens to her and the other Wes Moore?

Cheryl is another of Wes’s girlfriends. Slightly older than he is, she is a heroin addict who unsuccessfully tries to hide her drug use from him. She and Wes have two children together. Cheryl dies at 24 after falling down the stairs.

What did Wes learn from the prank?

What did Wes learn from the prank? … He didn’t really care for how people treated him. Page 100: The Other Wes Moore needed to tell his mother that he got Alicia pregnant.

How did the grandmothers of both Wes Moores impact their lives?

Both Wes’ had their grandparents supporting them. The difference was author Wes’ grandparents set rules and gave him chores while living with them, and other Wes’ was spoiled by his grandparents; they didn’t give him structure or discipline.

What does Wes say made him feel like a man?

What does Wes (Author) say made him feel like a man? Wes (Author) said he felt like a man when he stopped focusing on himself and began caring about other people.

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