What Is The Opposite Of Retention?

What Is The Opposite Of Retention?

Opposite of the act of retaining or something retained. release. freedom. liberation.

What is the opposite of customer retention?

customer churn
The opposite of customer retention is customer churn, where businesses keep losing customers no matter how hard they try to keep them engaged.

What is another term for retention?

retention, keeping, holdingnoun. the act of retaining something. Synonyms: property, memory, retentiveness, keeping, guardianship, belongings, safekeeping, holding, retentivity. memory, retention, retentiveness, retentivitynoun.

Is retentiveness a word?

1. Having the quality, power, or capacity of retaining.

Is churn the inverse of retention?

Churn rate vs retention rate

Churn rate and retention rate both measure a company’s ability to keep customers over time. The metrics are inverse of each other.

What is churn and retention?

The definition of churn clearly states that it focuses on the number of customers that have unsubscribed to your services. On the other hand, rate retention refers to the amount of customers that you’ve managed to satisfy and has remained loyal to your company. Both involve the existing customers that you have.

What is the opposite of fluid retention?

Hypervolemia, also known as fluid overload, is the medical condition where there is too much fluid in the blood. The opposite condition is hypovolemia, which is too little fluid volume in the blood.

What does retention mean in business?

Customer retention refers to the ability of a company or product to retain its customers over some specified period. High customer retention means customers of the product or business tend to return to, continue to buy or in some other way not defect to another product or business, or to non-use entirely.

What do you mean by retain?

1a : to keep in possession or use. b : to keep in one’s pay or service specifically : to employ by paying a retainer. c : to keep in mind or memory : remember. 2 : to hold secure or intact. Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym Example Sentences Learn More About retain.

What does Pertinacious mean in English?

1a : adhering resolutely to an opinion, purpose, or design. b : perversely persistent. 2 : stubbornly tenacious. Other Words from pertinacious Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym Did you know?

What means retentive?

: having the power, property, or capacity of retaining soils retentive of moisture especially : retaining knowledge easily a retentive memory.

What does Expulsive mean?

Medical Definition of expulsive

1 : serving to expel expulsive efforts during labor. 2 : characterized by concern with the elimination of feces there are two anal phases—the earlier expulsive and the later retentive— G. S. Blum.

Is retention and churn the same?

Retention rate is the ratio of customers that return to do business at your company. The retention rate is different from the churn rate as the churn rate implies the number of customers you have lost over some time. A company with a high churn rate will have a lower retention rate.

What is the opposite of churn?

The opposite of churn rate is usually referred to as the retention rate. While the churn rate shows how many people have canceled a service, the retention rate shows how many people have chosen to renew, or are returning customers.

Is churn and retention rate the same?

The Difference Between Churn Rate and Retention Rate

Customer churn rate is the percentage of customers that sign up and then leave within a given amount of time. Whereas customer retention rate is the percentage of customers that sign up and stay with you.

What is the churn?

Churn is the measure of how many customers stop using a product. This can be measured based on actual usage or failure to renew (when the product is sold using a subscription model). Often evaluated for a specific period of time, there can be a monthly, quarterly, or annual churn rate.

What is the difference between attrition and churn?

The customer attrition rate is measured for a given period by dividing the number of customers the company had at the beginning of the period by the number of customers at the end of the period. … Churn rate, on the other hand, focuses solely on those customers who are no longer customers.

What is acquisition metric?

In its simplest form, your CAC is the total cost of your sales and marketing activities divided by the number of customers you acquire during a specified period.

How do you get rid of water weight overnight?

Ways to lose water weight
  1. Reduce sodium (salt) intake. Share on Pinterest Water weight may feel uncomfortable and cause bloating or puffiness in the body. …
  2. Drink more water. While counterintuitive, drinking water can actually reduce water weight. …
  3. Reduce carbohydrate intake. …
  4. Supplements. …
  5. Exercise. …
  6. Water pills.

How do I get rid of water retention in my body?

6 Simple Ways to Reduce Water Retention
  1. Eat Less Salt. Salt is made of sodium and chloride. …
  2. Increase Your Magnesium Intake. Magnesium is a very important mineral. …
  3. Increase Vitamin B6 Intake. Vitamin B6 is a group of several related vitamins. …
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  5. Try Taking Dandelion. …
  6. Avoid Refined Carbs.

What’s another name for water retention?

Water retention: A nonspecific term meaning the accumulation of excess fluids in body tissues, medically known as edema. Edema can result from many different disease processes, including but not limited to diseases of the heart and circulation and kidney disease.

What is sales and retention?

Customer retention refers to a company’s ability to turn customers into repeat buyers and prevent them from switching to a competitor. … It focuses on customers who have already signed up for a service or purchased a product from you. But retaining customers is about more than just transactions—it’s about relationships.

What does retention mean in school?

Retention rate is the percentage of a school’s first-time, first-year undergraduate students who continue at that school the next year. For example, a student who studies full-time in the fall semester and keeps on studying in the program in the next fall semester is counted in this rate.

What does retention mean in HR?

Employee retention is defined as an organization’s ability to prevent employee turnover, or the number of people who leave their job in a certain period, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Increasing employee retention has a direct impact on business performance and success.

Does Do antonym?

Antonyms. leader disobey disoblige violate predate literalize spiritualize. make out come proceed go get along.

What are some examples of retain?

Retain is defined as to keep, hold on to or keep in place. An example of retain is to keep a prized possession from childhood. An example of retain is for mouth-gear to keep the teeth in place. To keep in one’s pay or service.

How do you use the word retain?

Retain sentence example
  1. It was amazing how Alex could retain his composure. …
  2. At the bottom she staggered to retain her balance. …
  3. Dean gritted his teeth to retain his good mood. …
  4. “I retain the ability to heal myself and my mate,” Darkyn said. …
  5. Her only hope was to retain his friendship.

What is a pugnacious person?

pugnacious \pug-NAY-shus\ adjective. : having a quarrelsome or combative nature : truculent.

What is a insuperable?

: incapable of being surmounted, overcome, passed over, or solved insuperable difficulties.

What is a perspicacious person?

adjective. having keen mental perception and understanding; discerning: to exhibit perspicacious judgment.

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