What Is Remind App?

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What Is Remind App?

Remind is

Can everyone see your messages on Remind app?

Individual message

You and the participant are the only people who can see the message. To send an individual message on web: Click on New message located on the left side of the dashboard.

What do parents see Remind app?

Students and parents don’t see your phone numbers, and you don’t see theirs. All messages come from Remind phone numbers. Teachers, students, and parents can access and download a complete message history at any time.

Is Remind App good?

This is a great communication tool for students and parents. I love that students can initiate a conversation with me, and I can send fun reminders and updates to them. Parents really appreciate the updates as well. Text messages are often checked more quickly than emails.

How much does it cost to use Remind?

More than 200 schools and districts, says Grey, have signed up for the premium version of Remind, which costs roughly $4 per student per year.

How can you tell if someone read your message in Remind?

To see the message summary for an announcement you’ve sent, click the header of the announcement. The message summary will show you the following: Sent: The total number of people the message was sent to. Read: The % of people who have the Remind app and read your message after receiving it.

Can you text your teacher on Remind?

One of the unique features of Remind is that you have the ability to communicate solely by text with parents, teachers, and students without giving them your personal phone number. In this article, you’ll learn about the communication functions available to you through text.

Can parents text you on Remind?

Remind is safe

Personal contact information stays private. Phone numbers aren’t exchanged between teachers, students, and parents. Messages can’t be edited or deleted, so a complete message history is always available to access and download.

How do students use Remind app?

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Are Remind conversations private?

Here are the basics: Contact information is completely private between students, parents, and teachers. All messages are sent through Remind numbers and emails, not your personal phone number or email address. Messages on Remind can’t be edited or deleted, so there’s a permanent record of every conversation.

How do you use Remind in the classroom?

Top 10 ways to use Remind in the classroom
  1. Schedule reminders about meeting times and locations for classes, club meetings, sports practices, and more. – …
  2. Send permission slips, classroom documents, and other files straight to students’ and parents’ phones. –

Is Remind social media?

They also have individual plans available for free, so you can sign up and use it as an individual organizer, or as a parent, you can join for free to be part of a group’s messaging service. …

How do I invite parents to join Remind?

Invite students and parents via e-mail or phone number

Invite them to join your Remind class by sending them a direct link via e-mail or text in your account. Note: Students and parents will not see your personal phone number or e-mail address when you send this invitation.

What is the Remind phone number?

Remind Hub

Consolidate communication for your organization in a single place with true, two-way messaging. Talk to our sales team at (415) 363-0372.

Do parents have to download the Remind app?

address to notify them of use, and can only receive one-way Announcements. any device—a computer, tablet or any mobile phone. (in the US & Canada), email, and the app. Remind is free to use for teachers, students, and parents!

How do I connect to the Remind app?

Remind’s join site

Go to remind.com/join. Enter the class code, and select Join. Enter you first and last name along with your mobile phone number or email address. Click Sign up.

What does the lightning bolt mean on the Remind app?

When viewing your class list, if someone has a lightning bolt next to their name, they’re receiving Remind messages as push notifications or texts on their phones—the most effective way to make sure they can see and read your messages.

How do you see who reacted on the Remind app?

On Web hover over each reaction to see who reacted. On iOS or Android you can long press the reactions to see the list.

How do you remove yourself from Remind texts?

Tap the class you want to leave on the Joined section of your screen. Click the three dots on the upper right side your screen. Choose Class Settings. Click the Leave this class button and confirm your action.

Is remind a group chat?

With the new version of Remind, teachers are able to include up to 9 students, parents, or other teachers in a conversation. … Group conversations have been the #1 requested feature since we launched two-way messaging, and it unlocks lots of new uses.

How does remind work?

Remind is a communication platform that helps educators reach students and parents where they are. Fast: Messages are sent in real time to an entire class, a small group, or just a single person. You can also schedule announcements ahead of time and attach photos and other files.

How do you add students to remind?

Once you have your spreadsheet, log in to Remind and go to a school dashboard.
  1. Click on the Add people button in the top right.
  2. Click on the appropriate tab: Students, Parents, Teachers.
  3. From your spreadsheet, copy and paste the required information into the table.

Do you have to be a school to use Remind?

For Remind to collect this type of personal information, a student’s school, district or teacher must agree to obtain parental consent for that child to use the Services, or Remind must obtain that consent.

Why does Remind ask for your birthday?

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a US federal law that requires special privacy protections for kids younger than 13. When a student creates a Remind account, we require their date of birth.

How do you post a picture on remind?

To send an attachment, select the file type you would like to include. While using the app, you can browse photos from your camera roll, or take a photo in real time. Notes: The available characters for an announcement will drop because the file will be sent as a link to text subscribers.

How do you politely remind someone over text?

Here are a few tips:
  1. Don’t bring up their inaction or unresponsiveness (“You haven’t responded yet…”)
  2. Don’t assume any reasons for lack of communication (“I understand you’re busy…”)
  3. Use “I” and “Me” rather than “You” – frame the request as a need you have rather than a failure on their part.

How do you do an assignment on remind?

Click Connect to Remind.

Click on the plus sign (+) on the Canvas icon on the Remind composer integrations list. Log in with your Canvas credentials. Find your course, and select the assignment you would like to link to your message. Compose and send your message.

Who uses Remind?

Remind (previously Remind101) is a private mobile messaging platform that aims to help teachers, parents, students, and administrators in K–12 schools to communicate with everyone at once. The platform has more than 20 million monthly active users across the United States.

Which is better class dojo or Remind?

Reviewers felt that Remind meets the needs of their business better than ClassDojo. When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Remind is the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of Remind over ClassDojo.

Does Remind have read receipts?

Some great features include the ability to get read receipts, create collaborative groups, add co-teachers, schedule meetings, and set office hours. Remind offers a free service for individual classrooms but there are institution-wide plans available with more features.

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