What Is Newsela Used For?

What Is Newsela Used For?

Newsela is an instructional content tool that allows teachers to find articles with appropriate reading levels for their students. Newsela articles also feature questions and writing prompts that align with common core standards.

How do I use Newsela in the classroom?


What can students do in Newsela?

  • All Assignments your teacher(s) assigned you will show up under the Assignments tab. …
  • Each Newsela article has a Quiz and a Write Prompt. …
  • All students can access Newsela Student, our mobile app, to complete assignments and read independently.

Can you trust Newsela?

Newsela is a solid resource for news stories your students will look forward to reading and discussing. Though it’s a valuable tool for free, it’s likely that the tools in a PRO account will offer the best learning value.

Do students need Newsela accounts?

Anyone can join Newsela as a student to read articles and complete writing responses and annotations. As a student, you only need one Newsela account. You can keep using that Newsela account every year, for all of your classes.

Does Newsela work with Google Classroom?

Students must be signed into both Newsela and Google Classroom to be directed to the article you share. Newsela content can be searched and added into Google Classroom Instructional Activities directly from Google Classroom if you use Google Chrome.

How do students see assignments in Newsela?

Students can access their teachers’ assignments on the Assignments page. To access the page, Sign in to Newsela. Click assignments.

How do students get answers to Newsela?

Go to an article and select the level for which you want to see the quiz answer key. Click Activities to open the activities panel. Click Quiz. Click Next and Back to view all quiz answers.

How do Newsela assignments work?

Find an article that you’d like to assign. Click the blue “Assign” icon. This will take you to the assignment page, where you select the class (or classes) for the assignment. You’ll also see three optional steps: Adding instructions, adjusting the reading level your students will see, and removing articles.

Can students browse on Newsela?

Any time a student completes work in Newsela, it is tied to their account. All of a student’s teachers with subscriptions can view a student’s completed assigned and independent work in their Binder. … This allows you to curate a wide selection of articles and give students choices on what they’d like to read.

Why do teachers use Newsela?

It allows teachers to see individual quiz results and read, score, and provide feedback on student responses to the writing prompts. Teachers are also able to sort and filter student-performance data and print reports, enabling them to track data, identify trends, and adjust instruction accordingly.

What age is Newsela for?

Newsela has articles curated for younger readers, typically grades 2-6. When a teacher sets their classroom to elementary, only Elementary and middle school articles appear for students as they navigate and browse Newsela.

Can you use Newsela for free?

It is free to sign up and you can sign up with a gmail account. Do I need to setup a class on Newsela? While Newsela does have free “learner” accounts, they are only available for students who are 13 years or older.

Do you have to pay for Newsela?

Newsela changed its pricing structure starting in the 2019-2020 school year, making a mostly free service now mostly subscription-based.

Does Newsela cost money?

The Newsela pricing is dependent on the plans you choose. The Newsela pro can be expected as $6000 per school, $2000 per grade level and $18/student per year. However, the company needs to be contacted for getting the exact Newsela pricing as per the client’s requirements and the number of students.

How do I check my grades on Newsela?

Click your classroom beneath the graph. If a response is available, you will see “Grade Now” to the right of an assignment. Click “Grade Now” to be taken to the article activities review panel.

How do I download an article from Newsela?

Click the Print button to print an article. You will see options to print the article with or without the quiz and the answers. Once you make your selection, you’ll be able to download the article (including quizzes and answers) as a pdf by clicking the down arrow in the upper right corner.

How do I contact Newsela?

  1. Contact Email info@newsela.com.
  2. Phone Number 855-711-0118.

What is a text set in Newsela?

Text Sets: Groups of articles that share a common theme. You can create your own Text Sets or explore Text Sets created by other teachers and by Newsela editors.

Is there a live chat in Newsela?

Contact Newsela Support. … If your request is urgent and you have a Newsela subscription, we recommend using Live Chat (available Monday-Friday, 8AM-8PM ET).

How do you edit your own writing in Newsela?

On an article, open the Activities panel. Click Write. Click Edit and enter your writing prompt. Click Save.

Can parents use Newsela?

Go to www.newsela.com. Click Join. Choose Parent, Tutor, or Caregiver, in the bottom right. Follow the prompt to create an account using a Google or Microsoft connection, or by creating a username and password.

What is the binder in Newsela?


What is intersectionality Newsela?

Intersectionality refers to the different kinds of identities people have. It studies how these multiple identities connect and affect a person’s life. These identities are race, gender, sex, disability, and sexual orientation, as well as where they live and socioeconomic status.

Can students highlight in Newsela?

With the Annotations feature, teachers and students can highlight and mark up articles. … Teachers and students with a free subscription can highlight and annotate in Newsela for personal use.

How do I introduce Newsela?


Who writes Newsela?

Amy Tan
Newsela | Authors: Amy Tan.

What is Kami and how does it work?

Kami is an online document annotation and markup tool. You can highlight, underline, and strikethrough text in PDF and other document formats. You can also add text boxes, shapes, and images. Kami works with Google Drive and Google Classroom.

What are the Newsela reading levels?

Lexile ranges generally have overlapping grade bands, but there cannot be any overlap on Newsela, because each article level can correspond to only one grade.
  • Grade 2: 300-500.
  • Grade 3: 501-620.
  • Grade 4: 621-780.
  • Grade 5: 781-920.
  • Grade 6: 921-1010.
  • Grade 7: 1011-1109.
  • Grade 8: 1110-1180.
  • Grade 9-10: 1181-1260.

What is a Newsela subscription?

Welcome to Newsela!

This allows you to make assignments and view student activity. Teachers who have used Newsela before can sign in at newsela.com. … You can continue using the same account with a Newsela subscription or with the free news offerings on Newsela – the correct access will be added based on your school.

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