What Is Cultural Background Examples?

What Is Cultural Background Examples?

A cultural background can be shaped at the family, societal or organizational level. Examples of different cultural groups include Vietnamese, English, African American and Irish Catholic. Cultural background is an important way to define an individual’s identity.Mar 27, 2021

What is a person’s cultural background?

1. The context of one’s life experience as shaped by membership in groups based on ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, exceptionalities, language, religion, sexual orientation, and geographical area.

What are 5 examples of cultural?

The following are illustrative examples of traditional culture.
  • Norms. Norms are informal, unwritten rules that govern social behaviors.
  • Languages.
  • Festivals.
  • Rituals & Ceremony.
  • Holidays.
  • Pastimes.
  • Food.
  • Architecture.

What do you write in a cultural background?

Explain major points briefly and introduce the topic in the introduction. In the conclusion, reiterate the major points and how they help prove your theory or claim. Use a cultural studies style throughout your cultural background paper. Avoid personal statements and use the third person point of view.

What is my cultural background and identity?

It is part of a person’s self-conception and self-perception and is related to nationality, ethnicity, religion, social class, generation, locality or any kind of social group that has its own distinct culture. …

How do you answer cultural background questions?

Start with your cultural/ethnic background: where your ancestors are from, when they came to America, etc. Then discuss how much that background informs your life today. What parts of your ancestors’ culture plays a role in your life and in what ways?

What are some examples of cultural identity?

Race, gender, sexuality, and ability are socially constructed cultural identities that developed over time in relation to historical, social, and political contexts. Race, gender, sexuality, and ability are cultural identities that affect our communication and our relationships.

What are 7 examples of culture?

There are seven elements, or parts, of a single culture. They are social organization, customs, religion, language, government, economy, and arts.

What are 10 different cultures?

Examples of different cultures around the world that have captivated many include:
  • The Italian Culture. Italy, the land of pizza and Gelato held peoples’ interest in captivity for centuries. …
  • The French. …
  • The Spaniards. …
  • The Chinese. …
  • The Land of the Free. …
  • The Second Most Populated Country. …
  • The United Kingdom. …
  • Greece.

What are the 6 types of culture?

  • National / Societal Culture.
  • Organizational Culture.
  • Social Identity Group Culture.
  • Functional Culture.
  • Team Culture.
  • Individual Culture.

What are examples of cultural backgrounds?

A cultural background can be shaped at the family, societal or organizational level. Examples of different cultural groups include Vietnamese, English, African American and Irish Catholic. Cultural background is an important way to define an individual’s identity.

What should I write about culture?

How to write introduction of a culture essay?
  • demonstrate your intention to answer the question or solve the problem posed;
  • show that you understand the topic;
  • outline the structure of your response and the main aspects that you will consider;
  • confirm that you have done some research and cite one of your sources;

What is my cultural history?

Cultural history brings to life a past time and place. In this search, cultural historians study beliefs and ideas, much as intellectual historians do. … These are reflected in the products of deliberately artistic culture, but also include the objects and experiences of everyday life, such as clothing or cuisine.

How do I describe my cultural identity?

Put simply, your cultural identity is the feeling that you belong to a group of people like you. This is often because of shared qualities like birthplace, traditions, practices, and beliefs. … Cultural identity is an important part of your self-image, and it can help you feel more connected to those around you.

How would you identify your culture?

Culture does include race, nationality, and ethnicity, but goes beyond those identity markers as well. The following are various aspects of our individual identity that we use to create membership with others to form a shared cultural identity: race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, and social class.

What is the meaning of cultural identity?

Culture is the shared characteristics of a group of people, which encompasses , place of birth, religion, language, cuisine, social behaviors, art, literature, and music.

How do you answer a MIT essay?

MIT Essays, Analyzed
  1. MIT Prompt #1. Describe the world you come from; for example, your family, clubs, school, community, city, or town. …
  2. MIT Prompt #2. …
  3. MIT Essay Prompt #3. …
  4. MIT Prompt #4. …
  5. MIT Prompt #5. …
  6. #1: Use Your Own Voice. …
  7. #2: Avoid Clichés and Overused Phrases. …
  8. #3: Check Your Work.

How do you answer a MIT supplemental essay?

General Tips for Answering MIT’s Essay Questions

Be honest, be open, be authentic—this is your opportunity to connect with us.” As you respond to MIT’s questions, try not to overthink them. Tell the truth, write in your own voice, and let the admissions officers get to know you.

What does MIT look for in essays?

Essentially, you have 5 “mini-essays” – What You Do For Pleasure (“pleasure” – 100 words), Department at MIT (“department” – 100 words), What You Do That’s Creative (“creativity” – 250 words), World You Come From (“world” – 250 words), Significant Challenge (“challenge” – 250 words), and that’s it!

What are the components of cultural identity?

These include ethnicity, age, developmental stage, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural background, migration status, language(s), religion/spirituality, family composition, geographical environment, and social class.

What is an important part of cultural identity?

We all have a right to know who we are, and where we are from. The people, places and stories of our families are a part of the unique story of who we are. Understanding your history can help build your personal growth and well being, and helps to connect us with each other.

How do we express cultural identity?

Our cultural identity is about belonging to a social group and about shared practices and traditions. We can express (show) our cultural identity through: • food and drink; • sport; • language; • religious beliefs and practice; • festivals and parades; • music; • clothing; • political beliefs.

What are the 12 components of culture?

Terms in this set (12)
  • Language. A verbal way of communication.
  • Religion. Spiritual beliefs and related customs.
  • Architecture. Designing buildings and environments with consideration for their effect; also designs specific to certain cultures.
  • Clothing. …
  • Food. …
  • Agriculture. …
  • Gender Relations. …
  • Tolerance.

What are the 4 types of culture?

Four types of organizational culture
  • Adhocracy culture – the dynamic, entrepreneurial Create Culture.
  • Clan culture – the people-oriented, friendly Collaborate Culture.
  • Hierarchy culture – the process-oriented, structured Control Culture.
  • Market culture – the results-oriented, competitive Compete Culture.

What are the 5 factors of culture?

The major elements of culture are material culture, language, aesthetics, education, religion, attitudes and values and social organisation.

What are the top 5 cultures in the world?

  • Italy. #1 in Cultural Influence Rankings. …
  • France. #2 in Cultural Influence Rankings. …
  • United States. #3 in Cultural Influence Rankings. …
  • United Kingdom. #4 in Cultural Influence Rankings. …
  • Japan. #5 in Cultural Influence Rankings. …
  • Spain. #6 in Cultural Influence Rankings. …
  • South Korea. #7 in Cultural Influence Rankings. …
  • Switzerland.

What are the different types of cultures?

Cultures of the worlds
  • Western culture – Anglo America – Latin American culture – English-speaking world – African-American culture –
  • Indosphere –
  • Sinosphere –
  • Islamic culture –
  • Arab culture –
  • Tibetan culture –

How many different cultures are there?

The Ethnologue records some 6909 extant languages [10]. Price’s Atlas of Ethnographic Societies [11] records over 3814 distinct cultures having been described by anthropologists, certainly a major underestimate.

What are the 9 types of culture?

There are nine main types of company culture.
  • Clan or Collaborative Culture. A company with a clan or collaborative culture feels like a family. …
  • Purpose Culture. …
  • Hierarchy or Control Culture. …
  • Adhocracy or Creative Culture. …
  • Market or Compete Culture. …
  • Strong Leadership Culture. …
  • Customer-First Culture. …
  • Role-Based Culture.

What are the six management approaches for culture?

This fact can be understood through six perspectives. These are named the classical approach, the anthropological approach, the psychological approach, the stereotyping approach, the knowledge management (KM) approach and the systems thinking approach.

What are the six dimensions of organizational culture?

The project identified six independent dimensions of practices, not values. They are: process-oriented versus results-oriented, job-oriented versus employee-oriented, professional versus parochial, open systems versus closed systems, tightly versus loosely controlled, and pragmatic versus normative.

Is Filipino a cultural background?

The Philippines is a culture in which East meets West. The Filipino people have a distinct Asian background, with a strong Western tradition. The modern Filipino culture developed through influence from Chinease traders, Spanish conquistadors, and American rulers.

What are some cultural topics?

We suggest the following culture essay topics and titles:
  • The significance of cultural identity in an individual.
  • Culture as a political instrument in the modern world.
  • The differences between the Eastern and the Western culture.
  • The role of culture in people from mixed origins.
  • The impact of religious views on culture.

What do you write in a culture essay?

The culture essay explains how different groups of people, possessing their own language, religion, values, lifestyle, and beliefs, came into existence, letting the reader know about the basic or main features of their culture.

How do you start a culture essay?

1) Introduction

Introduction is the first paragraph of a cultural essay. Introduction presents the opportunity to introduce your topic to the readers. Also it requires brief background information about the cultural identity you are writing on. It should also contain your thesis statement.

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