What Is A Dojo Point?

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What Is A Dojo Point?

Class Dojo is an online behavior management system intended to foster positive student behaviors and classroom culture. Students earn ‘Dojo Points’ based on their classroom conduct. Teachers use Class Dojo to keep parents up to date on student progress and classroom happenings. Class Dojo is completely free for users.

How do you use ClassDojo points?

  1. Open your class.
  2. Select the student whose points you would like to redeem.
  3. Click “Redeem” under the student’s name.
  4. Enter the number of points you would like to redeem (you will be able to redeem up to the number of points the student currently has in their bubble) and add a note if you desire.

What does Dojo mean in education?

ClassDojo is a behaviour management tool for the classroom. Each student has a profile – complete with their own avatar – to which teachers can assign positive and negative points (or ‘dojos’) throughout the lesson. … This information is then recorded on students’ profiles so that it can be reviewed throughout the year.

How do I give myself Dojo points?

Give Points at Home with ClassDojo Plus
  1. Tap on the “Points” tab in the bottom center of the home screen.
  2. Select the child to whom you would like to award a point or select “All kids” to give a point to everyone.
  3. Select the skill you wish to award to automatically add it to your child’s point total and home report.

What is ClassDojo and how does it work?

What is ClassDojo? ClassDojo is a school communication platform that teachers, students, and families use every day to build close-knit communities by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom home through photos, videos, and messages. … Teachers translate 270,000 messages every week in the U.S.

What do students do with Dojo points?

As students earn points, they transfer to Dojo Dollars on Friday. They can spend their money at the store to buy nerdy things, or buy class time to do other activities that they are interested in.

How do you take away Dojo points?

On the Android app, find the student you wish to remove a point from and tap his/her tile. After it opens, choose the option “View report.” Next, you need to scroll down to find the point you wish to remove. Then you need to tap on the vertical three-dot button, and the “Delete” option will appear.

Is ClassDojo good or bad?

We have had much success with ClassDojo over the past 2 years. … Class dojo “paints a picture of their child’s day” and they are more supportive. Even when a student has a tough day (with some red poor choice points), they always have areas where they earn positive points.

How do students use ClassDojo?

There are 5 ways students can log into their ClassDojo student account on the Web: Scanning a QR code (recommended for classrooms with camera-enabled devices) Entering a 6-character text code (recommended for classrooms that lack cameras) Signing in through Google login (recommended for classrooms with Chromebooks)

How do teachers use ClassDojo?

ClassDojo allows teachers to work with the class remotely too, including to provide activities for students, deal out classwork, and share lessons. Students can earn Dojo Points based on their conduct, letting teachers use the app to foster positive student behavior.

Can parents give kids Dojo points?

Yes! Your subscription can be shared with up to two other parent accounts. Can I use ClassDojo Plus features with my children who do not use ClassDojo at school? … If your children do not have a student account through a school, you can still add them at home and use all ClassDojo Plus features with them.

How does ClassDojo work for parents?

ClassDojo notifies parents whenever they receive a new private message, a new Class Story post is added, their child has posted to their Student Story, and on Friday to review their child’s feedback from class.

Can students see how many dojo points they have?

Active Classes with Point Totals and Assigned Activities

Clicking on the class name will show them: The total number of points they have in that class and their total for that day. The student can click on their points to see their report for the last two weeks in either a daily or weekly view.

Why should I use ClassDojo?

Why ClassDojo? ClassDojo’s mission is to reinvent classrooms by bringing teachers, students and parents closer together. Teachers use ClassDojo as a communication platform to encourage students, and get parents engaged too. Classrooms become positive places – which means there’s no more ‘classroom management’.

Is ClassDojo considered social media?

As a globally successful social media site for schools, ClassDojo is becoming as integral to the relationships between children, teachers and parents as mainstream social media is to the everyday lives of millions around the world.

How do you make friends on ClassDojo?

  1. From your dashboard, tap on the “+ New class” button below your current class list.
  2. Name your class, set your grade level, choose your preference for sharing points with parents, then tap on the blue checkmark.

How do you give students points?

Here are a few reward examples:
  1. Pick a game at recess.
  2. Sit with a friend.
  3. Teach the class a favorite game.
  4. Take a homework pass.
  5. Be the teacher’s helper for the day.
  6. Draw on the chalkboard.
  7. Choose any class job for the week.
  8. Use the teacher’s chair.

How do I check my class dojo points?

From the Web
  1. Open your class.
  2. Click on “Options” and select “Edit Class” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the “Skills” tab.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll see a box that says “Choose which points you’d like parents to see:” and select one of the point preferences.

How do you get more than 5 points on Class Dojo?

ClassDojo offers a feature to set the value of skills between -5 and 5.
  1. Open your class.
  2. Click on the 3 dot button in the top right corner of your class screen and select “Edit skills”
  3. Tap on the skill you’d like to edit.
  4. Tap the “Point value” drop-down to select your desired number.

Do all schools use Dojo?

It is used, according to the company, by 90% of US elementary and middle schools, and last year Forbes estimated it was worth $100m.

What is a Dojo teacher called?

Sensei, pronounced sen-say, is in its most basic sense a covers-all Japanese word for a teacher. … It also includes instructors such as dance instructors and training instructors at a karate dojo, or martial arts school.

What are the pros and cons of ClassDojo?

  • Pros: Behavior tracking, teacher resources, design is tailored for elementary school parents, individualized.
  • Cons: Not good for older students, communication is tailored just for parent to teacher, No in-app search feature, Limited coordination/organization tools.

How do students login to ClassDojo?


How do I send a PDF on Class Dojo?

To send an attachment to parents via Messages
  1. Open your class.
  2. Click on the “Messages” tab.
  3. On the left-hand side click on a single parent thread or the “All parents” thread.
  4. Click on the paperclip icon in the bottom right corner.
  5. Select your file.
  6. Click “Send” to send the file as a message.

How do you send a message to a teacher on class dojo?

Messaging is already a part of your ClassDojo Parent Account. You can access it from your ClassDojo iOS or Android app, or by logging in from the web. On the website and apps you’ll see a “Messages” tab where you can select a teacher, then view and compose messages.

How does ClassDojo help with classroom management?

Class Dojo is a free online classroom management tool that is based on a positive/negative point system. Teachers can use Class Dojo to track their students’ behaviour in the classroom. The point system is intended to encourage students to maintain positive behaviours and to moderate any negative behaviours.

What are some classroom management strategies?

Try these effective classroom management strategies with your students to become a happier, more effective teacher.
  • Model ideal behavior. …
  • Let students help establish guidelines. …
  • Document rules. …
  • Avoid punishing the class. …
  • Encourage initiative. …
  • Offer praise. …
  • Use non-verbal communication. …
  • Hold parties.

Can you message other parents on ClassDojo?

Broadcast’ messages enable a teacher to quickly and easily send a message to all parents for any class. ‘Direct Messages’ allow teachers and parents to message privately, keeping parents engaged and in the know on student progress.

Can teachers see home dojo points?

Home points and skills and are not visible to their classroom teacher(s). When do parents get notified by ClassDojo? ClassDojo notifies parents whenever they receive a new private message, or when a new post is added to the Class Story, School Story, or their child’s Portfolio.

How does ClassDojo make money?

So how does ClassDojo make money? First, ClassDojo is always free for families to use, and to stay connected to their school community. … We have some optional additional paid features for families, and may make some for school districts, too. ClassDojo does not permit third-party advertisers.

Why is ClassDojo bad?

ClassDojo gets character education wrong.

ClassDojo judges and labels students by ranking and sorting them and distracts even well-intentioned adults from providing children with the feedback and the guidance they need to learn.

How do I invite my parents to class dojo?

A. Send an invite by email
  1. Open your class.
  2. Click on the 3 dot button in the top right corner of your class screen and select “Connect parents”
  3. Find the parent you’d like to invite, then tap on their name.
  4. Tap on “Invite additional parent”
  5. Enter their email and tap “INVITE”

How do I make a class dojo account?

To Sign Up:
  1. Open the app and select “I’m a teacher”
  2. Click on “Create teacher account”
  3. Enter your email and create a login password, then tap “Create account”
  4. Enter your title, first name, and last name, then tap “Next”

How do I delete things from my ClassDojo portfolio student?

Step 1: Navigate to the student’s Portfolio. Step 2: Click ‘Edit’ in the right-hand corner of the screen. Step 3: Click ‘Remove Portfolio. ‘

Can kids see their points on ClassDojo?

Students love using ClassDojo because it gives them more ownership of what they are doing in class. Students can’t view other students’ point totals, message with other students, or message with teachers.

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