What Episode Of The Simpsons Does Maggie Have A Baby?

What Episode Of The Simpsons Does Maggie Have A Baby?

Margaret Abigail “Maggie” Simpson, Jr. is Maggie’

Does Maggie have a baby The Simpsons?

Margaret Abigail “Maggie” Simpson, Jr. is Maggie’s baby daughter in “Bart to the Future” and “Holidays of Future Passed”. … She also appears in “Holidays of Future Passed”. She is born on Christmas Eve in this episode, and she, her mother Maggie, and Marge arrive at The Simpsons’ home the next morning.

What episode of The Simpsons is Lisa a baby?

Lisa’s First Word
“Lisa’s First Word” is the tenth episode of the fourth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It was first broadcast on the Fox network in the United States on December 3, 1992.

Do The Simpsons have a fourth child?

The dream Simpson sister is a fictional fourth Simpson child who appeared in a dream Bart had.

Dream Simpson sister.

Who got Maggie pregnant Simpsons?

Homer was thrilled with his new job at Barney’s Uncle Al’s bowling alley. When Homer and Marge “snuggled” to celebrate his new job, she became pregnant. Marge made Patty and Selma promise not to tell him, but they told two people known for gossiping.

Who is Homer’s favorite child?


In what episode does Maggie talk?

Jodie Foster voiced a Howard Roark-inspired Maggie in the season 20 episode “Four Great Women and a Manicure“. In the episode Friends and Family, Maggie speaks in full sentences but the family is so preoccupied with an argument during a therapy session that she vows to “never talk again.”

What episode is Bart a baby?

Bart’s Inner Child
Bart’s Inner Child
Bart’s Inner Child
The Simpsons episode
Episode no. Season 5 Episode 7
Directed by Bob Anderson
Written by George Meyer

13 more rows

What was Bart Simpsons first word?

He lived with his parents in the Lower East Side of Springfield until the Simpsons bought their first house. When Lisa was born, Bart was at first jealous of the attention she received, but he soon warmed to her when he discovered that “Bart” was her first word.

Is Ling a girl in the Simpsons?

She is Bart, Lisa and Maggie’s so far only known cousin, not including Jessica Simpson since Lisa most likely made a joke about her being her “cousin.” She was voiced by Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart, making her the only female Bouvier to not be voiced by Julie Kavner.

How old is Maggie Simpson?


What is Lisa Simpson’s middle name?

Lisa Marie Simpson
Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons.
Lisa Simpson
Full name Lisa Marie Simpson
Gender Female
Occupation 2nd grade student at Springfield Elementary School
Family Parents: Homer and Marge Siblings: Bart and Maggie

10 more rows

Who is Maggies Dad Simpsons?

Homer Simpson

Who is the father of Maggie’s baby?

| Gary is walking Maggie to his apartment, where she’ll stay during her time in Boston, when he hits her with the big question: “Are you pregnant?” (Remember, he noticed her drinking water at dinner in the previous episode.) She confirms that she is, and that Jamie is the father.

What is Lisa and Milhouse’s daughter named?

Zia Simpson is the future daughter of Milhouse and Lisa in “Holidays of Future Passed”. She is 14 years old.

What does Maggie say in Simpsons movie?

“Mama! Mama!” from the episode Treehouse of Horror XV – Squealed by Maggie when Marge was reunited with her; Maggie’s sixth non-canon word. “Sequel?” from The Simpsons Movie – Maggie says this during the ending credits, much to the disappointment of the rest of her family; Maggie’s fourth canonical word.

Is it bad to have one child only?

Modern science suggests only children are exceedingly normal. Studies that go back to the 1980s show there are no set differences between singletons and children with siblings, aside from onlies having stronger bonds with their parents.

Does Bart ever call Homer dad?

Bart in turn becomes jealous of the time Homer and Milhouse are spending together. … Bart calls him “dad”, which pleases Homer greatly, and the two rekindle their relationship.

Is Maggie the smartest Simpson?

Homer and Marge have a talk with Dr. Hibbert about getting in, and decide to have Maggie go in. … The results show that not only is Maggie brilliant, but her IQ of 167 is higher than Lisa’s IQ of 159. Lisa is no longer considered “the smart one” of the Simpson family, much to her chagrin.

Does Maggie ever grow up in The Simpsons?

Somewhere between the Golden Age of The Simpsons (Seasons 3-8) and today, the Simpson children grew up. Bart, Lisa and – Lord have mercy! – even Maggie are now adults. … Yet thanks to the 30 seasons of the show now available on Disney+, it is easier than ever to watch the Simpsons children deteriorate into old age.

What’s the baby’s name in The Simpsons?

Maggie Simpson
The Simpson family

Bart Simpson, the 10-year-old son, who gets in trouble. Lisa Simpson, the 8-year-old daughter, who is very smart. Maggie Simpson, the baby girl, who can not talk.

Does Marge get pregnant?

The episode also expands upon the family’s origins as a result of Marge falling pregnant with Bart, briefly referred to in “The Way We Was”, and introduces key moments, such as Bart’s conception at a Mini-Golf course, which would ultimately become a major part of the series’ canon.

Did Bart get someone pregnant?

Bart is cheered as a hero by everyone and rewarded with a driver’s license by Mayor Quimby. … Eventually, Homer, Marge and Darcy’s parents catch up with them to stop the wedding, where Darcy’s father tries to reason with Bart as he believes that Bart took advantage of a girl much older than him and got her pregnant.

What is the most famous Simpsons episode?

The Simpsons: Homer’s 15 Funniest Episodes, Ranked
  1. 1 Last Exit To Springfield (Season 4, Episode 17)
  2. 2 Mr. …
  3. 3 Homer At The Bat (Season 3, Episode 17) …
  4. 4 Homer Loves Flanders (Season 5, Episode 16) …
  5. 5 King-Size Homer (Season 7, Episode 7) …
  6. 6 Homer Goes To College (Season 5, Episode 3) …
  7. 7 Homer The Great (Season 6, Episode 12) …

What language is Aycaramba?

“¡Ay, caramba!” (pronounced [ˈai kaˈɾamba]), from the Spanish interjections ay (denoting surprise or pain) and caramba (a minced oath for carajo), is an exclamation used in Spanish to denote surprise (usually positive). The term caramba is also used in Portuguese.

What is Homer Simpson’s favorite saying?

D’oh! “D’oh!” (/doʊʔ/) is a catchphrase used by the fictional character Homer Simpson, from the television series The Simpsons, an animated sitcom (1989–present).

Was Elizabeth Taylor in The Simpsons?

Elizabeth Taylor (February 27, 1932 — March 23, 2011) was an English-American actress. She guest starred in “Lisa’s First Word”, voicing Maggie’s first word “Daddy”, and later as Herself in “Krusty Gets Kancelled”.

How old is Mr Burns in The Simpsons?

Burns’ extreme old age is a frequent source of humor on the show. He is occasionally referred to as “Springfield’s oldest resident”; in Season 2’s “Simpson and Delilah”, he told Homer that he is 81, although, in several later episodes, he is shown to be 104.

Who are Ling’s cousins?

Ling Bouvier
  • Adoptive mother: Selma Bouvier.
  • Aunts: Patty Bouvier and Marge Simpson.
  • Grandparents: Jacqueline Bouvier and Clancy Bouvier.
  • Uncle/Adoptive father: Homer Simpson.
  • Cousins: Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson.
  • Ex-stepfather: Abraham Simpson.
  • Great Grandmother: Alvarine Bisque.

Who is Maggie Simpson married to?

Matthew Gustafson’s
Maggie Simpson and Matthew Gustafson’s Wedding Website – The Knot.
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