What Does Stagnant?

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What Does Stagnant?

1a(1) : not flowing in a current or stream stagnant water. (2) : without inflow and outflow a stagnant pool. b : stale long disuse had made the air stagnant and foul— Bram Stoker. 2 : not advancing or developing a stagnant economy.

What does stagnant mean in a person?

The definition of stagnant is someone or something that has little or no movement or activity.

What does staying stagnant mean?

adjective. (of water, etc) standing still; without flow or current. brackish and foul from standing still. stale, sluggish, or dull from inaction. not growing or developing; static.

What is the meaning of stagnancy?

the state of being inactive. inactivity of liquids; being stagnant; standing still; without current or circulation. synonyms: stagnation. type of: inaction, inactiveness, inactivity.

How do you use stagnant?

Stagnant in a Sentence 🔉
  1. Because John needs more money and his current salary has been stagnant for three years, he is looking for a new job.
  2. Sometimes when I feel my life is stagnant and not going anywhere, I will talk to my psychologist so I can honestly reflect upon my situation.

Can a person be stagnant?

Often things that are stagnant also have a smell from sitting too long in one place. Not that this happens to everyone, but sitting in front of a TV playing video games without moving more than the fingers can make a person stagnant, sometimes with an accompanying odor.

What does stagnant mean in the Bible?

Zephaniah went on to say the spiritually stagnant are those who don’t care because they think God doesn’t care. Water stagnates when it pools and stops moving. People stagnate when they isolate themselves from God and stop responding to the needs of others.

What is stagnant relationship?

A stagnant relationship is one where the couple does not feel connected anymore. It is a low phase in which the couple feels their relationship has lost the spark. They wonder if they will ever feel the same about each other again. If you relate to this feeling, your relationship has probably become stagnant.

What is cultural stagnation?

A society tends to suffer from cultural stagnation or cultural lag when there is a considerable gap between the material culture and non-material culture of the society. … Mostly, the values and traditions are considered as the historical asset and they mostly serve as the identity of a culture.

What does stagnant mean in business?

Stagnation is a prolonged period of little or no growth in an economy. … Stagnation can occur as a temporary condition, such as a growth recession or temporary economic shock, or as part of a long-term structural condition of the economy.

What does statis mean?

1 : a slowing or stoppage of the normal flow of a bodily fluid or semifluid: such as. a : slowing of the current of circulating blood. b : reduced motility of the intestines with retention of feces.

What does the untethered mean?


To unfasten the tether of or release from a tether. 2. To disconnect: an opinion that was untethered to reality.

What does deprived mean?

: to take (something) away from (someone or something) : to not allow (someone or something) to have or keep (something) The change in her status deprived her of access to classified information.

What is the sentence of stagnant?

Stagnant sentence example. A stagnant pool was useless. She walked down the alley, nose wrinkling at the scents of trash and stagnant water. The climate is by nature unhealthy, the supply of running water being small, and that of stagnant water, from which arises a fatal malaria, being considerable.

Is Stagnant water bad?

Stagnant water can be dangerous for drinking because it provides a better incubator than running water for many kinds of bacteria and parasites. Stagnant water can be contaminated with human and animal feces, particularly in deserts or other areas of low rainfall.

What is stagnant energy?

Staying indoors limits our naturally flowing energy and creates stagnation. As stagnation of water creates build-up in a pond or a river, stagnation of energy creates blockages in our body and spirit. Here are four ways to eliminate stagnant energy, without compromising your health and safety.

What does stagnation mean in psychology?

Stagnation refers to the failure to find a way to contribute. These individuals may feel disconnected or uninvolved with their community and with society as a whole. Some characteristics of stagnation include: Being self-centered. … No efforts to improve the self.

How do you revive a stagnant relationship?

Here are 6 tips to revive your stagnant relationship!
  1. Talk about the positives more.
  2. Be vocal if there is any underlying issue.
  3. Do all the things you did in the early stage of your relation.
  4. Make love more often.
  5. Take up an activity together.
  6. Write notes.

What is a stagnant career?

What is career stagnation? Career stagnation occurs when you feel a lack of engagement with your work or career. In many cases, it occurs when you don’t see positive changes in your career or feel you may lose your professional skills.

What causes stagnation in life?

Stagnation comes because there isn’t anything that excites you enough to take action. If you don’t have a habit of setting goals, and instead just leave yourself to daily mundanes, it’s not surprising you are experiencing stagnation. … Sometimes our priorities change and we no longer want to work on those goals anymore.

Why do you feel stagnant?

Stagnation happens when you don’t have anything in life that motivates you enough to take sustained steps towards it. You feel exhausted when you take on too many things that don’t come naturally. … Your mind becomes stuck on negative thoughts, your self-esteem plummets, you never feel good enough.

How do you know if water is stagnant?

Stagnant Water Signs
  1. Green Algae. When your pool water turns green from sparkling clear, then green algae is the cause. …
  2. Black Algae. Black algae dig its roots and are very hard to clean. …
  3. White Water Mold and Pink Slime. Both white water mold and pink slime are naturally occurring bacterium. …
  4. Cloudy Water.

Can a sexless marriage survive?

Can a sexless marriage survive? The short answer is that yes, a sexless marriage can survive – but it can come at a cost. If one partner desires sex but the other is uninterested, lack of sex can lead to decreased intimacy and connection, feelings of resentment and even infidelity.

What is roommate syndrome?

What is Roommate Syndrome? Couples living together in a marriage that has grown stale, emotionally disconnected, and passionless. Novelty, curiosity, and passion has been replaced with silent routine, predictability and polite disinterest. Many assume roommate syndrome is just a sexless marriage.

What does a stagnant relationship feel like?

Often you feel the ‘spark’ has gone out of things, or that the relationship has become stagnant. It’s usually characterised by a lack of communication, or feeling like you don’t have fun in anymore. It can be difficult to know how to get out of a ‘rut’.

Is culture a stagnant?

Culture represents the spirit of civilization, mind, and heart. Cultures are not governed by persistence(not fixed) and stagnation, but are developed with the development and prosperity of society.

Is ethnocentrism still happening in the present time?

While many people may recognize ethnocentricity as problematic, they may not realize it occurs everywhere, both at local and political levels. Sure, it’s easy to point the finger at the likes of colonial men and women who oppressed slaves, but ethnocentrism still exists today.

What is cultural stagnation in sociology?

A society tends to suffer from cultural stagnation or cultural lag when there is a considerable gap between the material culture and non-material culture of the society. … All the existing societies of the world seem to preserve their identity and individuality and most of the times oppose changes in them.

What does stagnant society mean?

adjective. If something such as a business or society is stagnant, there is little activity or change. [disapproval] He is seeking advice on how to revive the stagnant economy. Synonyms: inactive, declining, stagnating, flat More Synonyms of stagnant.

What is Isstasis?

Stasis dermatitis is a long-term condition that causes inflammation, ulcers, and itchy skin on the lower legs. It often occurs in people who have underlying conditions that affect blood flow in the legs, such as chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and congestive heart failure.

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