What Does Snipe Mean In Shakespeare?

What Does Snipe Mean In Shakespeare?

snipe. [type of bird]

What is Shakespeare’s snipe?

The word made an initial appearance in the 1850s meaning “street corner broker” in Wall Street slang, but thanks to Mark Twain’s 1869 reference to “noble savages (and) illustrious guttersnipes,” it came to mean “street urchin.” Earlier, as far back as Shakespeare’s time snipe had been used to mean “disreputable person. …

What does onion eyed mean in Shakespeare?

onion-eyed. having the eyes filled with tears. pale-hearted. dispirited; cowardly; craven.

What does nut hook mean Shakespeare?

Nut-hook. (n) – Constable, officer (a hook for pulling down nuts, hence a thief)

What is malt worm Shakespeare?

maltworm, malt-worm (n.) Old form(s): Maltwormes, Mault-Wormes. drinker [of malt-liquor], drunkard, inebriate.

What does jaded mean in Shakespeare?

jaded (adj.) Old form(s): iaded
low-bred, ignoble, contemptible Headword location(s)

2 more rows

What does sheep biting mean Shakespeare?


In Shakespeare’s universe (and lexicon), biting your thumb at someone may show derision, but the biting of sheep might just indicate a person’s un-trustworthiness.

What does Elf skinned mean?

An elf-skin is “a man of shrivelled and shrunken form,” says the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

What does bladder mean in Shakespeare?

bladder. a distensible membranous sac. Thou rank boil-brained bladder. Thou cockered tardy-gaited ratsbane.

What does bum Bailey mean in Shakespeare?

bum-baily: bunch-back’d: bung: buoy. burden, burthen.

What does canker blossom mean?

A canker blossom (or canker rose) had two meanings in Shakespeare’s time: there was a dog rose, a common wild rose that was used for grafting (implying that a person was common, unimportant, and easily used by others rather than having his or her own worth), and it was also a term used to refer to an infectious skin …

What does gull catcher mean?

Someone who is a gull-catcher is a TRICKSTER, a CHEAT. When something is done hugger mugger it is done in SECRECY, CONCEALMENT.

What does rump Fed mean?

Rump´-fed. a. 1. A Shakespearean word of uncertain meaning. Perhaps “fattened in the rump, pampered.”

What does flax wench mean?

A woman who spins flax. A prostitute.

What does nut hook mean?

1 obsolete : a hook at the end of a pole to pull down boughs for gathering nuts.

What is marry in Shakespeare?

1,773 answers. The word “Marry” is an exclamation used in Shakespeare’s time. Its best definition is “indeed!“. For example, when Gregory says to Sampson: No, marry; I fear thee.

What does yeasty mean in Shakespeare?

yeasty (adj.) Old form(s): yesty. frothy, superficial, trivial.

What does swag bellied mean in Shakespeare?

: having a large protruding stomach a grimy, swag-bellied drudge— F. T. Bullen.

What is a dollop head?

a word that means ‘total idiot’ used in the TV series Merlin. Arthur is a dollophead, according to Merlin.

What’s a flap dragon?

Definition of ‘flapdragon’

1. an old game in which the players snatch raisins, plums, etc., out of burning brandy, and eat them. 2. the object so caught and eaten.

What is Flirt Gill?

obsolete. : a pert or wanton woman.

What does false Caterpillar mean?

The messenger in Henry IV, Part 2 reports to King Henry that a rebel troop of “scholars, lawyers, courtiers, gentlemen” is approaching, a group that he derogatorily refers to as “false caterpillars.” We know caterpillar to mean wormlike larva of a butterfly or moth; this sense has been in English since the mid-1400s.

Why are you grown so rude what change is this sweet love?

Let go of me, or I’ll shake you off like a snake. Why are you grown so rude? What change is this, Sweet love?

What does malt worm mean in Old English?

noun. archaic. A lover of malt beer (whisky, etc.); a heavy drinker.

What does Moldwarp mean in Shakespeare?

1 dialectal, British : a European mole (Talpa europaea) 2 dialectal : a stupid or shiftless person the old man …

What does Beetle headed mean?

stupid person
1 : a stupid person.

What is Apple John?

archaic. : a variety of apple the flavor of which is said to be improved by drying.

What is a Fustilarian?

Fustilarian is an alteration of the earlier (and much more colorful) word fustilugs, and both words refer to a ponderous, clumsy person, and especially a fat and slovenly woman. … Shakespeare built on this “disastrous end” meaning here, where catastrophe is used to refer to the posterior of a person.

What does hedge pig mean?

greasy evil-eyed hedge-pig. … hedge-pig: older English for hedgehog, perhaps an ugly person or someone with a prickly personality.Feb 27, 2021

What is a Clotpole?

1. a very stupid person. Arthur’s constant obliviousness of his surroundings and general stupidity made him a perfect example of a clotpole.

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