What Does Equitable?

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What Does Equitable?

1 : having or exhibiting equity : dealing fairly and equally with all concerned an equitable settlement of the dispute. 2 : existing or valid in equity as distinguished from law an equitable defense.

What is equitable example?

The definition of equitable is something that is fair to all parties. When marital assets are split fairly in a divorce, this is an example of an equitable arrangement.

How do you use the word equitable?

Equitable sentence example
  1. This equitable arrangement was accepted by the estates forthwith. …
  2. It removed all disfranchisement, and embraced equitable amnesty and exemption features. …
  3. The competition was very equitable since both teams were the same age and skill level.

What is another term for equitable?

Some common synonyms of equitable are dispassionate, fair, impartial, just, objective, and unbiased.

What does equitable work mean?

Equitable distribution means everyone gets their fair share of something. If you work on a group project in class, you want an equitable share of the credit. When you look at equitable, you might think you see the word, equal, but it doesn’t mean fair in the sense of exactly the same.

What does equality and equity mean?

June 22, 2021 – Equity: the quality of being fair and impartial. Equality: the state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities. It’s hard to see the difference between those two definitions, and many people assume they are synonymous.

What does Equitable mean in economics?

Equity means fairness or evenness, and achieving it is considered to be an economic objective. … However, for most economists, equity relates to how fairly income and opportunity are distributed between different groups in society.

What is equitable interpretation?

impartial or reasonable; fair; just. an equitable decision. 2. law. relating to or valid in equity, as distinct from common law or statute law.

What does Equitable mean in land law?

Related Content. A beneficial interest in real property that gives the title holder the right to acquire legal title to the property. Equitable title holders cannot transfer legal title to real property, but they derive benefits from the property’s appreciation in value.

What is the meaning of equitable in a sentence?

Definition of Equitable. characterized by equity or fairness; just and right; fair. Examples of Equitable in a sentence. 1. Both sides agreed to try to find an equitable compromise that would please everyone.

Is equitable the same as equal?

Merriam-Webster defines equitable as “dealing fairly and equally with all concerned,” and equal as “of the same measure, quantity, amount, or number as another.” However, much like systemic and systematic, the two words (and their derivatives) can’t be used interchangeably.

What are two synonyms for equitable?

synonyms for equitable
  • decent.
  • fair.
  • honest.
  • proper.
  • reasonable.
  • stable.
  • unbiased.
  • just.

Which is the closest antonym for the word equitable?


unfair, unjust, unequitable, biased, prejudiced.

How do you explain equity?

Equity represents the value that would be returned to a company’s shareholders if all of the assets were liquidated and all of the company’s debts were paid off. … The calculation of equity is a company’s total assets minus its total liabilities, and is used in several key financial ratios such as ROE.

What does equity mean in HR?

Equity in the workplace refers to fair treatment in access, opportunity and advancement for all individuals. Work in this area includes identifying and working to eliminate barriers to fair treatment for disadvantaged groups, from the team level through systemic changes in organizations and industries.

What does equity mean in an organization?

Organizational equity is defined as the relative distribution of power and resources among key internal organizational stakeholders, including directors, executives, managers and employees.

What does equity mean in law?

A legal definition from the Oxford dictionary describes equity as ‘a branch of law that developed alongside common law and is concerned with fairness and justice, formerly administered in special courts’.

What is low equity?

In education, the term equity refers to the principle of fairness. … Inequities occur when biased or unfair policies, programs, practices, or situations contribute to a lack of equality in educational performance, results, and outcomes.

What is the difference between fair and equitable?

‘ Fair treatment means people receive non-discriminatory attitudes regardless of their personal conditions. Equitable treatment means people receive the same opportunity to reach a specific objective while specific considerations are in place.

What is equity in stock market?

In the context of stock market investments, equity refers to the shares in a company’s ownership. In simpler terms, it is the total amount of money that a shareholder is eligible to receive if all of a company’s debts are paid off and its assets liquidated.

What is the goal of equity?

Some societies view equity as a worthy goal in and of itself because of its moral implications and its intimate link with fairness and social justice. Policies that promote equity can help, directly and indirectly, to reduce poverty.

What kind of concept is equity?

Equity, or economic equality, is the concept or idea of fairness in economics, particularly in regard to taxation or welfare economics.

What does Equitable mean in math?

Equitable math instruction is the simple understanding that students and communities come from different backgrounds and may have different ways of being and thinking, even in math. Math problems, of course, have correct answers.

What does Equitable mean in education?

Equality in education is achieved when students are all treated the same and have access to similar resources. Equity is achieved when all students receive the resources they need so they graduate prepared for success after high school.

What is equitable in ethics?

Equity means social justice or fairness; it is an ethical concept, grounded in principles of distributive justice.

What are equitable property rights?

In real estate law, “equitable title” refers to a person’s right to obtain full ownership of a property or property interest. … Thus, a person can have equitable title to a property that they have invested in, while another party holds legal title.

What is equitable title to property?

A beneficial interest in real property that gives the title holder the right to acquire legal title to the property. Equitable title holders cannot transfer legal title to real property, but they derive benefits from the property’s appreciation in value.

What is equitable estate?

Equitable estate means estate recognized in equity courts. It is the right or interest in land, which not having the properties of a legal estate, but merely a right of which courts of equity take notice. It requires the aid of such court to make it available. For example trust beneficiary’s interest.

What is an equitable person?

Equitable is an adjective that means fair or impartial. Something that is equitable does not unduly benefit one person more than any other person. For example, Dividing the remaining food evenly amongst the three survivors is the most equitable solution.

What is equitable approach?

Overview. Equitable development is an approach for meeting the needs of underserved communities through policies and programs that reduce disparities while fostering places that are healthy and vibrant. It is increasingly considered an effective placed-based action for creating strong and livable communities.

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