What Does Curious?

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What Does Curious?

curious • \KYUR-ee-us\ • adjective. 1 a : marked by desire to investigate and learn b : marked by inquisitive interest in others’ concerns : nosy 2 : exciting attention as strange, novel, or unexpected : odd. Examples: She has a curious habit of mumbling to herself constantly while she does her crossword puzzles. “

What is the meaning of just curious?

“I’m just curious, is all.” is a response that someone gives about why they are asking questions. It means that they do not have any strong reason for asking questions other than that they started thinking about questions.

What is the best definition for curious?

1 : desire to know: a : inquisitive interest in others’ concerns : nosiness The construction inside their house aroused the curiosity of their neighbors. b : interest leading to inquiry intellectual curiosity Her natural curiosity led her to ask more questions.

What is an example of curious?

The definition of curious is eager to know or learn. An example of curious is a child snooping through the attic to find out what his parents bought him for his birthday.

What is the meaning of the word curios?

: something (such as a decorative object) considered novel, rare, or bizarre : curiosity also : an unusual or bizarre person. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About curio.

How do you use just curious?

Example sentences just curious
  1. But we’ve always just said, people are just curious.
  2. He swore that he was just curious and apologised. …
  3. If anything, it’s benign, mundane, something that you do because you’re bored or just curious to see if it gets a response.

What is a curious person?

Curious people are always investigating something new and as a result are constantly building knowledge. No matter the situation, they can find something interesting to explore. Curious people tend to maintain high activity levels and discover interesting facts about their industry.

Which of the following words mean curious?

The words inquisitive and prying are common synonyms of curious. While all three words mean “interested in what is not one’s personal or proper concern,” curious, a neutral term, basically connotes an active desire to learn or to know.

How do you explain curiosity?

Curiosity is having a strong desire to learn or know something. Folks who are curious often don’t “need” the information they inquire about. They seek answers to their questions for the sake of gaining knowledge. Those who are curious may also actively seek out challenges and new experiences to broaden their horizons.

What is curiosity example?

The definition of curiosity is anything strange or rare, or having an interesting in learning or knowing something. An example of a curiosity is a little known and interesting fact about a subject. An example of curiosity is always asking questions, reading books and going out to try to learn about the world. noun.

How do you use curious in a sentence?

Curious sentence example
  1. She looked up at him with a curious smile. …
  2. I’m just a curious citizen. …
  3. We make curious mistakes sometimes. …
  4. There were many curious onlookers. …
  5. I’m curious to find out where the nicest car my family has ever owned has been parked! …
  6. Deidre stared down at the curious kids gathering around her.

How do you use the word curious in a sentence?

  1. [S] [T] He was curious to see the inside. ( …
  2. [S] [T] A curious disease struck the town. ( …
  3. [S] [T] He was curious to know her secret. ( …
  4. [S] [T] The little kids were very curious. ( …
  5. [S] [T] She is curious to learn new things. ( …
  6. [S] [T] Children are curious about everything. (

Was curious in a sentence?

1. Everyone was curious as to why Mark was leaving. 2. I was curious to know what would happen next.

What is the synonym of curio?

(also nicknack), novelty, ornamental, tchotchke, trinket.

What is the difference between curios and curious?

1 Answer. ‘Curios‘ would the plural form of ‘curio’, a curio being an object of, usually historical, significance. If you want to know what is going down you are ‘curious’.

What are curios used for?

Most curio cabinets have glass on each side, glass shelves, and optionally a mirror at the back, to maximize visibility. Another purpose of a curio cabinet is to protect the value of a collection, which it does by preventing contact by dust and vermin.

How do you say you are curious?

5 Answers. “inquisitiveness” and “inquiringness.” inquisitive: given to inquiry, research, or asking questions; eager for knowledge; intellectually curious: an inquisitive mind. inquiring: seeking facts, information, or knowledge: an inquiring mind.

What is the meaning of just wondering?

(informal) Used to qualify a question or action, explaining it as modivated by curiosity. interjection.

How do you say I’m curious?

  1. 1 inquiring, inquisitive, interested, puzzled, questioning, searching.
  2. 2 inquisitive, meddling, nosy (informal) peeping, peering, prying, snoopy (informal)
  3. 3 bizarre, exotic, extraordinary, marvellous, mysterious, novel, odd, peculiar, puzzling, quaint, queer, rare, rum (Brit.

What makes people curious?

Researchers largely understand human curiosity as being linked to learning and information seeking. In terms of our evolution, it makes sense for humans to be curious about the world around them. … “Curiosity is the driving force behind everything we know,” she says. But she says curiosity isn’t limited to people.

Is it bad to be a curious person?

Research suggests that being curious might be a social glue that strengthens our relationships. There’s an old saying: “Curiosity killed the cat.” It implies curiosity is bad for you and leads to dangerous risk-taking behavior. … Here are some of the ways science suggests that curiosity can improve our relationships.

Who is the most curious person?

  • Marie Curie. This Polish-born French scientist was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize and the only woman to win it in two different fields (physics and chemistry). …
  • Albert Einstein. …
  • Mae Jemison. …
  • Benjamin Banneker. …
  • Vera Rubin. …
  • Richard Feynman. …
  • Rachel Carson. …
  • Carl Sagan.

What is a synonym and antonym for curious?

curious. Antonyms: indifferent, uninquiring, incurious, uninterested, trite, common, superficial. Synonyms: inquiring, inquisitive, scrutinizing, prying, meddling, singular, searching, interrogative, peeping, peering, rare, unique, odd, recondite.

Why are you so curious meaning?

If you’re curious, you really want to know something — like the secret ingredient that makes these cookies so crunchy. You may wish you hadn’t been so curious when you find out it’s roasted crickets. Curious describes someone who is eager to find out answers and to explore and learn.

How do you explain curiosity to a child?

Tips for Nurturing Curiosity
  1. Model interest in the world around you. …
  2. Follow your child’s lead. …
  3. Answer questions simply and clearly and according to your child’s development. …
  4. Use the library! …
  5. Stimulate your child with open-ended questions. …
  6. Create an interesting environment. …
  7. Redirect, don’t discourage.

How would you describe curiosity as a strength?

Individuals with the character strength of curiosity are more likely to ask questions and try new things. Curiosity then is a form of courage. Asking questions exposes the fact that we don’t know and trying a new activity means we might fail.

How would you describe yourself as curious?

To describe yourself as an inquisitive person means that you are curious. Curious to experience. Curious to learn and curious to know. The eagerness to learn is an attractive trait that most employers look for.

What is the meaning of curiosity in life?

Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn; having an interest in a person, thing, or experience that leads to making an inquiry.

What does being curious look like?

They seek surprise.

We feel most comfortable when things are certain, but we feel most alive when they’re not. Curious people welcome surprise in their lives. They try new foods, talk to a stranger, or ask a question they’ve never asked before.

Is curious a feeling?

Curiosity can be described as positive emotions and acquiring knowledge; when one’s curiosity has been aroused it is considered inherently rewarding and pleasurable.

How do you speak Curious?


Is it good to be curious?

Curious people are happier.

Research has shown curiosity to be associated with higher levels of positive emotions, lower levels of anxiety, more satisfaction with life, and greater psychological well-being.

Is curious a adjective?

curious adjective (INTERESTED)

Is curious a positive or negative connotation?

“Curious” itself is fairly neutral–it could be interpreted as a good thing, but it’s sometimes seen as a bad thing (i.e., “Curiosity killed the cat.”). … There are plenty of other synonyms that are wholly negative: “nosy,” “snoopy,” “prying,” etc.

What is noun of curious?

curiousness. inquisitiveness; curiosity. (obsolete) care; carefulness; pains. (dated) The state of being curious; exactness of workmanship; ingenuity of contrivance.

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