What Did The Framers Mean To Accomplish By Indirect Election Of The President?


What Did The Framers Mean To Accomplish By Indirect Election Of The President?

Terms in this set (36) What did the framers mean to accomplish by indirect election of the president? a majority of votes in the electoral college. stating that a state government must request federal troops before the president can deploy them within that state to provide public order.

Why did the framers establish the president’s powers?

To ensure that the president could never become too powerful, the Framers made many PRESIDENTIAL POWERS dependent upon the will of Congress. … Modern presidents have greater powers than did their predecessors, as the executive branch has grown over the years to take on more tasks and responsibilities.

What did the framers want to accomplish quizlet?

The framers of the Constitution wanted to ensure cooperation among the states, and between the states and the national government. The framers hoped to create a system of government based on fair laws that apply equally to all people.

How did the framers decide the president should be selected?

The Electoral College was created by the framers of the U.S. Constitution as an alternative to electing the president by popular vote or by Congress. … Several weeks after the general election, electors from each state meet in their state capitals and cast their official vote for president and vice president.

Who decided on a system of indirect election of the president in 1787 *?

Ultimately the framers decided on a method of election that had been utilized in selecting delegates to attend the Convention itself—election by state legislatures.

Which branch of government did the framers expect to be the most powerful and why?

The framers of the Constitution expected Congress to be the dominant branch of government. They placed it first in the Constitution and assigned more powers to it than to the presidency.

How did the framers view government?

The Founding Fathers, the framers of the Constitution, wanted to form a government that did not allow one person to have too much authority or control. … With this in mind the framers wrote the Constitution to provide for a separation of powers, or three separate branches of government.

What was the goal of the framers?

In the Preamble to the Constitution, the framers outlined their general goals: to create a just government and to insure peace, an adequate national defense, and a healthy, free nation.

What was the framers intent for the Constitution?

The Framers of the American Constitution were visionaries. They designed our Constitution to endure. They sought not only to address the specific challenges facing the nation during their lifetimes, but to establish the foundational principles that would sustain and guide the new nation into an uncertain future.

What did the framers want to ensure for the new nation?

1. The preamble outlines the general goals of the framers: to create a just government and to ensure peace, an adequate national defense and a healthy free nation. 2.

Why were most of the framers opposed to choosing the president by popular vote quizlet?

Why were most of the framers opposed to choosing a president by popular vote? … They believed that voters in such a large country couldn’t learn enough about the candidates to make an informed decision. They believed that if it was chosen by Congress it would be, “too much under the legislative thumb.”

What was the framers most important modification to the separation of powers doctrine?

The farmers’ most significant modification of the traditional doctrine of the separation powers was to… power to make laws and appropriate money, for these determine the programs the executive can implement.

How did the framers decide the president and vice president should be selected quizlet?

What must the President do if the Vice President becomes vacant? … How did the Framers decide the President and Vice President should be selected? they chosen by a body of presidential electors/ electoral college. Why do political parties award bonus delegates to some states?

What is meant by indirect election?

An election with electoral delegates is an election in which voters do not choose between candidates for an office, but elect people who then choose.

What is meant by direct and indirect elections?

Direct election is a system of choosing political officeholders in which the voters directly cast ballots for the persons or political party that they desire to see elected. … By contrast, in an indirect election, the voters elect a body which in turn elects the officeholder in question.

Why did the framers of the Constitution created the Electoral College quizlet?

The framers created the Electoral College, because they didn’t trust the people to make electoral decisions on their own. They wanted the president chosen by what they thought of as “enlightened statesmen”. … A person elected by the voters in to represent them in making the decision of VP and President.

How did the framers intended to distribute power within the federal government?

The Framers developed the system of checks and balances so that the three branches of government (legislative, judicial, and executive) could check each other. … The President can veto bills passed by Congress, and the judicial branch can declare laws passed by the other two branches unconstitutional.

Which branch of government did the framers expect to be the most powerful and why in your opinion is that still true today why or why not?

As shown by its prime spot at the beginning of the Constitution, the framers initially intended the legislative branch—which they saw as closest to the people—to be the most powerful of the three branches of government.

Why did the framers make the legislative branch more powerful than the executive?

One way to achieve this was to give Congress the bulk of the power. … For these reasons, the Framers thought it was safer to place more power in the hands of the legislative branch than with either of the other branches. Because they wanted this branch to dominate, they devoted more of the Constitution to it.

What did the framers create?

The framers of the Constitution created the United States Senate to protect the rights of individual states and safeguard minority opinion in a system of government designed to give greater power to the national government.

What are framers in government?

someone who writes a new law or plan. “the framers of the Constitution”

How did the framers ensure that the government of the United States could adapt over time to meet the needs of the people?

The framers ensure that the government could adapt by creating an executive branch, or president, which the articles of confederation lacked, and created a system of federal courts to ensure the laws that were passed applied to the entire country.

How did framers change goals?

The main goals of farmers and as to why they supported the article of confederation was to be in a position to limit the government from undermining the liberty of its people. Their goal changed and made the constitution because they felt that it will guarantee the basic human rights.

Who were the framers of the Constitution and what did they do?

They signed the Declaration of Independence, took part in the Revolutionary War, and established the Constitution. The Framers of the Constitution were delegates to the Constitutional Convention and helped draft the Constitution of the United States.

What national concerns did the framers focus on?

the framers of the Constitution were concerned with philosophical and ethical principles. Indeed, they sought to devise a system of government consistent with the dominant philosophical and moral principles of the day.

What did the framers hope to accomplish with the Free Exercise Clause?

In the 1960s and early 1970s, the Court shifted, strengthening protection for religious conduct by construing the Free Exercise Clause to protect a right of religious believers to exemption from generally applicable laws which burden religious exercise.

What did the framers mean by press?

Freedom of the press—the right to report news or circulate opinion without censorship from the government—was considered “one of the great bulwarks of liberty,” by the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Why did the framers of the Constitution believe a new document was necessary?

The men who wrote the Constitution of the United States believed that the US needed a new plan of government because they believed that the old plan gave too much power to the states and not enough to the national government. … The states had too much power and were making laws that hurt the country as a whole.

Why did the framers of the Constitution include the concept of limited government Brainly?

Why did the framers of the Constitution include the concept of limited government? … They wanted to provide a way to change the Constitution as the country changed.

Why were the framers so concerned about restraining the States?

Why were the framers so concerned about having a balance of power in the new government? … They designed their new government to be a federal government so that the states had reserved powers, the government had enumerated powers, and they shared the concurrent powers and that made it so the power was balanced.

What group did the framers decide should choose the president quizlet?

Early in the Philadelphia Convention of 1787, most Framers favored selection of the President By who? by Congress. In the Framers’ original plan, each elector was to cast one vote for two different candidates for President.

Why did the framers decide not to allow Congress to choose electors quizlet?

The framers decided to not allow Congress to choose electors for they thought it would give Congress too much power, and self-interest for the American government. The number of electors from each state is determined by ___________________________.

How does the way the electoral college functions today differ from the framers intentions quizlet?

1) How does the electoral college today differ from the Framers intentions ? The electoral college is voting for the president and representing citizens of their state but most of the time, they are basing their vote on their states wants and not theirs. 13.5.

Did the Framers the great danger of democratic government was the risk of?

To the framers, the great danger of democratic government was the risk of: –tyranny of the majority. … The idea that government should be restricted in its lawful uses of power and hence in its ability to deprive people of their liberty is expressed by the term: -federalism.

What phrase is most associated with the separation of powers?

trias politica
Executive Relations

The term “trias politica” or “separation of powers” was coined by Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu, an 18th century French social and political philosopher.

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