What Can I Rap About?

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What Can I Rap About?

What are some topics to rap about?

This rap topic can include:
  • Death of a loved one.
  • Growing up.
  • Hard life.
  • Struggles in life.
  • Society around you.
  • Finding your life path.
  • Conflict.
  • Imagination.

Can you rap about anything?

You can write about almost anything once you get the emotion and feel for your production. For example, I just wrote an interlude about circles. That’s it, circles.

How do I choose a rap topic?


How do you rap about something?


What are the most common song topics?

Literary Devices have taken a look at some of the most common themes in famous songs, and have identified these five as the most common.
  • Coming of Age/ Growing Up. Many songs deal with growing up or growing older. …
  • Statements of Discontent. …
  • Friendship. …
  • Heartbreak. …
  • Death.

How do you stay on a topic when rapping?


Is rapping something you can learn?

For some it can come naturally but it is a skill that can be learned. It takes practice but also having a good vocabulary and learning which words go together helps. I started by studying artists I favored. From their lyrics to beat choice and even what they chose to rap about.

Can anyone be a rapper?

You really don’t need money to begin your rapping career, despite what people may say! The simple truth is that you can start from nothing and build yourself (and your career) up! It’s very simple, as long as you have the confidence to practice and get yourself out there, you are already ahead of the game.

How do you start a rap?

  1. 1) Find A Beat To Rap On And Download It.
  2. 2) Write A Rap Chorus To It.
  3. 3) Write Your Rap Verses.
  4. 4) Record The Rap Song.
  5. 5) Mix The Rap Song.
  6. 6) Prepare Marketing For Release.
  7. 7) Shoot A Video.
  8. 8) Release The Rap Song.

How do you freestyle rap topics?

Pick a topic like ‘travel‘ and go through the list and rap about those topics with the words that are supplied. You can deviate obviously and even if you mess up for a bar, just hop right back in. This will help you learn to think ahead while spitting which is the key to freestyle rap in the long run.

How do you write a rap song for beginners?

How to Write a Rap Song in 7 Steps
  1. Find your topic or inspiration. If you already have something you want to to write about, great! …
  2. Get familiar with structure. …
  3. Sit down and write lyrics, or “bars” in rap lingo. …
  4. Rewrite and refine. …
  5. Practice out loud. …
  6. Memorize! …
  7. Yes, share it.

How do kids rap for beginners?


How do you write a rap verse?


How do you rap to a beat?


What are good topics for songs?

Personal / Artist Songs
  • Write a song that introduces us to you as an artist.
  • Write a song that introduces us to someone else as an artist.
  • Write a song based on your key life philosophy.
  • Write a song that tells us something nobody else knows about you.
  • Write a song about a major event in your life.

How do I choose a topic for a song?

Choosing a Song Topic With The “Dig Deeper” Method
  1. Choose one large, all-encompassing topic/idea (love, peace, caring for a loved one, etc.) as your topic, and write it down.
  2. Ask yourself the simple question: What about it? Start writing ideas down. …
  3. Keep digging deeper. …
  4. Keep digging deeper.

What word is used most in songs?

Most Used Lyrics By Genre
  • somewhat predictable – “i”, “the” and “you” are the most popular words in all genres.
  • “i” is used more than “you” in every genre.
  • “the” is the most used word only in heavy metal, Singer/Songwriter and Hip Hop/Rap.
  • “i” and “you” are far less used in heavy metal than in Rock and Hip Hop/Rap.

How do you make a rap song on your phone?


How much time does it take to learn rapping?

It has been said that it takes about 10,000 hours to master something. If this is true, if you practiced rapping for 3 hours a day it would take you around 3,333 days to master your rap skills which is a little over 9 years. Keep in mind, that is to “Master” rapping, like at a “Rap God” level.

How can I teach myself rap?


How do rappers get better at rapping?

Practice rapping every chance you get, whether it is in your bedroom, outside, or in the car. The more you practice, the better your flow and skills will become. Try rehearsing your own raps in several different styles and at different speeds as well.

Is it hard to become a rapper?

Becoming a rapper isn’t easy, however, and there will be a lot of haters and competitors out there hoping to make you fail. But if you try to focus, make great music, build a fanbase and get the right connections, you too can make it big in “the game.”

Can I be a rapper at 13?

Rap performers have traditionally been young men but there is no age requirement. Becoming a rapper at the age of 13 is no different than doing it at any other age. The main idea is to get a record deal.

What are the odds of becoming a rapper?

There’s less than one chance in a million that you’ll become successful as a rap artist. The field is saturated beyond belief.

What do rappers say at the beginning of songs?

I have realized that in many rap songs by many different artists use the phrase, “mustard on the beat” at the begging of their rap.

How do you master freestyle rap?

8 Freestyle Rap Tips For Beginners

How do you rhyme rap?


How do you write a song for the first time?

How to Write a Song in Ten Steps
  1. Start with the title. …
  2. Make a list of questions suggested by the title. …
  3. Choose a song structure. …
  4. Choose one question to answer in the chorus and one for each verse. …
  5. Find the melody in your lyric. …
  6. Begin to add chords to your chorus melody. …
  7. Work on the lyric in your first verse.

What apps do rappers use?

7 Best Apps For Rappers On iPhone And Android
  • Music Maker JAM App For Rappers.
  • Battle Me – A Battle Rap App For Android And iPhone.
  • Rapchat Provides Beats For Rapping Over.
  • AutoRap By Smule – Transform Your Rap Voice.
  • Rap Wars, Free iPhone App For Rappers.
  • Tape-A-Talk Recorder.
  • Evernote Is Great For Rappers.

How do I write a song?

10 Simple Steps to Write a Song
  1. Choose and Compose a Title of your Song. …
  2. Write from Experience or Fantasy. …
  3. Choose a Song Structure. …
  4. Construct a Temporary Chorus and Verse. …
  5. Find the Melody in your Lyric. …
  6. Chord Progression. …
  7. Rhyming. …
  8. Connect Your Verses and Chorus and Bridge.

How do you rap at the age of 13?


How many lines does a rap verse have?

Verses in rap are usually 16 bars in length. So 16 lines. One of the best ways to structure your ideas is in groups of 4 bars. Switching up your flow or rhyme scheme every four bars makes it a smoother transition.

What makes a good rap verse?

A rap verse should be interesting, filled with lyrical and sonic twists and turns that keep listeners in tune. There are few things worse than a flat verse; predictable and underwhelming. Many rappers avoid this static approach through: Flow.

How do you write a verse?