How To Use Class Dojo For Parents?

How To Use Class Dojo For Parents?

Class Dojo is an interactive reward system that allows you to see how your children are getting on in school. After you have signed up, you will be able to see what your child is doing in school through the ‘Class Story’ feature. Class Story will be updated regularly and will include key events and photographs.

How does class dojo work for parents?

Class Dojo is an interactive reward system that allows you to see how your children are getting on in school. After you have signed up, you will be able to see what your child is doing in school through the ‘Class Story’ feature. Class Story will be updated regularly and will include key events and photographs.

How do you use Class Dojo step by step?

Here is a list of steps to take to get your whole school community connected through your ClassDojo!
  1. Register as a School Leader. …
  2. Join Your School. …
  3. Get Verified. …
  4. Make a plan! …
  5. Upload your Student Roster. …
  6. Have teachers create their accounts. …
  7. Set Up Classes. …
  8. Create Consistency School-Wide by Setting School-Wide Skills.

How do you use class dojo as a parent and teacher?

  1. Tap the picture icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
  2. Scroll through the account(s) connected to your parent account and your teacher account.
  3. Select the account you want to log in to and you will be switched over!

How do parents post on ClassDojo?

Starting today, parents can join the fun and share moments from home right through ClassDojo Messaging! Just make sure they’ve updated their ClassDojo app, and they’ll see a “camera” and “smiley face” icon in the message channel.

How do you use class dojo at home?

Give Points at Home with ClassDojo Plus
  1. Tap on the “Points” tab in the bottom center of the home screen.
  2. Select the child to whom you would like to award a point or select “All kids” to give a point to everyone.
  3. Select the skill you wish to award to automatically add it to your child’s point total and home report.

Can parents talk to each other on class dojo?

ClassDojo Messaging is a wonderful, instant, and safe way for a teacher and a parent to privately communicate with each other. Parents and teachers can read and respond to messages from the website, or from the mobile app. … They must then log into their account to view the message and respond to it.

How do I start a class dojo?

How do I make a class dojo class?

From the Web
  1. Click on the “+ New Class” tile.
  2. Enter a name for your class, select your class grade level or year, and choose your sharing points preference.
  3. Click the blue “Create class” button.
  4. From your new class, click on the “+ Add students” tile.
  5. Enter a student’s first and last name.

What is class dojo and how does it work?

What is ClassDojo? ClassDojo is a school communication platform that teachers, students, and families use every day to build close-knit communities by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom home through photos, videos, and messages. … Teachers translate 270,000 messages every week in the U.S.

How do I message a teacher on ClassDojo?

Messaging is already a part of your ClassDojo Parent Account. You can access it from your ClassDojo iOS or Android app, or by logging in from the web. On the website and apps you’ll see a “Messages” tab where you can select a teacher, then view and compose messages.

Can parents message other parents on ClassDojo?

‘Broadcast’ messages enable a teacher to quickly and easily send a message to all parents for any class. ‘Direct Messages’ allow teachers and parents to message privately, keeping parents engaged and in the know on student progress.

How do you post a video on ClassDojo as a parent?

Here’s how:
  1. Click the class you would like to post a video in on the ClassDojo app.
  2. Click “Stories” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Beside “What’s happening?” …
  4. You can click on your last camera roll picture in the lower-left corner to choose a video already recorded on your device to upload.

How do you post on Class Dojo?

From the Web
  1. Open your class.
  2. Click on the “Class Story” tab.
  3. Tap on “Photo/Video” to add a photo or video. (You can add mp4 videos up to 8 minutes long). …
  4. Add your text in the “What’s happening in your classroom?” box.
  5. Click on “Post” to publish.

How do you submit an assignment on class dojo?

How do you send messages on Class Dojo?

  1. Open your class.
  2. Tap the “Messages” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap “All parents” to send a message to all connected parents, or tap on a student’s name to send a message to their connected parent as a private message.
  4. Tap on the clock icon below the “Write a Message” line.

Can you video call on ClassDojo?

Video is an even more powerful way for me to engage parents who would otherwise be left out. … Teachers and parents who already use ClassDojo can begin sharing on video starting today by updating their ClassDojo app.

How much is ClassDojo for parents?

Price. *Always free for teachers; parents can subscribe to a Class Dojo Beyond School version for $7.99/month, with a one week free trial.

What is the ClassDojo code?

Student codes are 7-character codes beginning with an S, which serve as a student’s personal “passwords” and PINs. Students use them to log into their student accounts, or even to create new accounts if they’re new to ClassDojo.

How do I connect to class dojo?

If your child’s teacher has sent you an email invitation, you will want to click on the link in your email. After clicking the link, this will take you to a screen to either sign up or log into your existing account. Once you have logged into your account, you will see that you are connected to your child’s class.

How do I accept a Class Dojo invite?

How do you log into class dojo?

Login with Google Login
  1. Go to
  2. Select the “Sign in with Google” button.
  3. Enter your Google email address and password (Please note: If you have logged into your account using this method before you can simply enter your email and password to access your account.)

How does ClassDojo work for teachers?

How does ClassDojo work? Teachers are able to use their smartphone or tablets to take pictures and videos in the classroom to share using ClassDojo. … Behavior is rated with a number that the teacher can pick, from one to five points. Negative behavior is also weighted on a scale of minus one to minus five points.

How do you make a student account on Class Dojo?

  1. Open up the ClassDojo app.
  2. Tap “I’m a student”
  3. At the bottom of the screen, tap “I don’t have a QR code”
  4. Enter the 6-letter code (i.e. ABCDEF)
  5. Select student name from the class list.

How do I find the class dojo code as a teacher?

Is ClassDojo easy to use?

ClassDojo is a great classroom management tool. It easily tracks student behaviors both positive and negative. … It is easy to set up by copying and pasting a list of students into the app. I am able to provide feedback to my students on how they are meeting classroom expectations on a daily basis.

How does ClassDojo help with classroom management?

Class Dojo is a free online classroom management tool that is based on a positive/negative point system. Teachers can use Class Dojo to track their students’ behaviour in the classroom. The point system is intended to encourage students to maintain positive behaviours and to moderate any negative behaviours.

Why should I use ClassDojo?

Why ClassDojo? ClassDojo’s mission is to reinvent classrooms by bringing teachers, students and parents closer together. Teachers use ClassDojo as a communication platform to encourage students, and get parents engaged too. Classrooms become positive places – which means there’s no more ‘classroom management’.

How do you know if a parent read a message on Class Dojo?

On the lower part of your Announcements, there’s a “Seen By” section that you can click on to see the list of who has or has not seen your message. Click on “Seen by:” to check which parents have viewed your post. Those in the “Not seen by” tab are parents who have not viewed it.

Can students message teachers on class dojo?

Students and parents can see and comment on Class Story and Page 6 Portfolio posts, however only parents can see and comment on School Story. Parents also have the ability to message teachers whereas students do not have a messaging function within their accounts.

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