How To Do Video Tutorial?

How To Do Video Tutorial?

The essentials for a complete tutorial video plan include:
  1. Step 1: Determine and get know your audience.
  2. Step 2: Write a storyboard and script.
  3. Step 3: Record your narration.
  4. Step 4: Record your screen.
  5. Step 5: Make a few edits.
  6. Step 6: Add a video intro.
  7. Step 7: Produce and share.

How can I make a video tutorial?

The essentials for a complete tutorial video plan include:
  1. Step 1: Determine and get know your audience.
  2. Step 2: Write a storyboard and script.
  3. Step 3: Record your narration.
  4. Step 4: Record your screen.
  5. Step 5: Make a few edits.
  6. Step 6: Add a video intro.
  7. Step 7: Produce and share.

How can I make a tutorial video for free?

8 Free and simple tools to create video tutorials for Teachers
  1. 1- Jing. Jing allows its users to create images and videos of what they see on their screen and share them with the world instantly and easily. …
  2. 2- Camstudio. …
  3. 3- Screencast-O-Matic. …
  4. 4- Webinaria. …
  5. 5- ScreenCastle. …
  6. 6- Go View. …
  7. 7- Screenr. …
  8. 8- Capture Fox.

How do I create a tutorial?

  1. Tutorials should have their own learning goals. Check that tutorial goals are congruent with those of the rest of the course and that they clearly define what students will do. …
  2. Establish guidelines at the beginning. …
  3. Prepare a lesson plan for each session. …
  4. Have your supporting materials ready.

How do I record my screen for a tutorial video?

How do I create my own training video?

What software is used to make video tutorials?

All these programs have free trials, so you can test them and decide which tutorial creator is right for you.
  1. iSpring Suite. …
  2. Camtasia. …
  3. Snagit. …
  4. Ashampoo Snap 10. …
  5. ActivePresenter. …
  6. FlashBack. …
  7. Joyoshare Screen Recorder. …
  8. Filmora Scrn.

How do I make an instructional video screen recording free?

How do I record myself as a teacher?

How do students make tutorial videos?

What are the different types of tutorials?

Here are four of the most common types of tutorials and why aspiring YouTube stars should create them.
  1. Makeup tutorials teach viewers an everyday skill. …
  2. Game tutorials help viewers advance in their favorite games. …
  3. Music tutorials teach viewers new art forms and save them money on music lessons.

What are the types of tutorial teaching?

Tutorials are of three types :
  • Group Tutorial. Group Tutorials are conducted to solve the problems of the grown up pupils of average level.
  • Supervised Tutorial. In the supervised tutorials, the talented pupils and the teachers discuss the problems time to time. …
  • Practical Tutorial.

What is a tutorial session?

A tutorial is a teaching session given to one student or a small group of students. … Teachers lead classes, but tutors are educators who also help students, usually one-on-one. Tutors don’t give grades: they just try to help or coach students. A session given by a tutor is called a tutorial.

How do you record tutorials?

How do I record my screen?

How can I make a professional video at home?

12 Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look More Professional
  1. Use Plenty of Light. …
  2. Use a Clean Background. …
  3. Choose a Good Video Editing Program. …
  4. Keep Your Editing Simple. …
  5. Prioritize Crisp, Clear Audio. …
  6. Avoid Shaky Footage. …
  7. Understand the Rule of Thirds. …
  8. Use Your Phone the Right Way.

How do you make a zoom video on training?

How to record a Zoom meeting
  1. Navigate to your Account settings and click on ‘Recording’
  2. Make sure the box for automatic recording is ticked.
  3. Choose where the recordings will be placed.

How do you make a training video on PowerPoint?

What is the best software for making educational videos?

Some of The Best Tools for Creating Educational Video Lessons
  • YouTube Video Editor. YouTube Video Editor embeds all the hacks you need to create stunning video lessons. …
  • Snagit. …
  • Camtasia. …
  • Explain Everything. …
  • Playposit. …
  • EDpuzzle. …
  • VideoAnt. …
  • Screencast-O-Matic.

How do I make a video tutorial app?

How to create a mobile app demo video
  1. Screen recording. The first thing you will need is to have a short video that shows your app in action. …
  2. Send the videos to your computer. Once you have the videos that show off your app, upload them to your desktop. …
  3. Choose a video template and upload your recorded videos.

What is a tutorial software?

What is tutorial software? Tutorial software allows you to create interactive learning tools which help people to learn. Typically, tutorial software can create step-by-step “guides” which highlight areas of the screen, so that the user can follow along and understand the process better.

How can I record a lecture on my laptop for free?

6 Steps for Recording Engaging Lecture Videos
  1. Prepare your lecture and slides.
  2. Download your lecture capture software or app.
  3. Optimize audio and video quality.
  4. Record a test video to check the quality of your audio and video.
  5. Record and edit with your lecture capture software or app.
  6. Share your lecture video to your LMS.

How do I record an instruction video on a Mac screen?–c

How do you record yourself on Google classroom?

To record video to an assignment, tap the paper clip icon to add an attachment. There you’ll see the option to “Record video.” The video you make will still be stored in Google Drive, since that’s where content on Classroom is kept, but it will insert the video directly into your assignment for you.

What is the best app for recording lectures?

Best Apps for Recording Lectures
  1. Office Lens (Android) …
  2. Rev Voice Recorder (iOS and Android) …
  3. Voice Memos (iOS) …
  4. Super Notes (iOS and Android) …
  5. Notability (iOS) …
  6. AudioNote2 (iOS and Android) …
  7. iTalk (iOS and Android) …
  8. AudioShare (iOS and Android)

How do I make an educational video on my phone?

These are some of the most popular Android apps for creating and editing videos on the go.

6 of The Best Android Video Making and Editing Apps for Teachers and Students
  1. Magisto Video Editor and Maker. …
  2. WeVideo video editor. …
  3. VivaVideo. …
  4. Adobe Premiere Clip. …
  5. PowerDirector.

How do students record video lesson?

How do students make videos on Google classroom?

When you create an assignment in Classroom, educators can attach a video file with instructions. To create the video, head to the screen recorder and click ‘record. ‘ All you need to do is upload and publish the video when you are done and provide the link to students. They are able to access it from anywhere.

What is the example of tutorial?

Examples of tutorial in a Sentence

Noun An online tutorial gives basic instructions for those who have never made reservations on the Web. The professor was offering a tutorial in her office a week before the exam. Adjective We offer tutorial instruction for test preparation.

What are some good tutorial ideas?

190+ Tutorial Ideas to Inspire Your Next Video
  • YouTube and Vlogging.
  • Gaming.
  • Tech.
  • Web Design and Development.
  • Music and Dance.
  • Cooking.
  • Fitness and Health.
  • Beauty and Fashion.

What are tutorial videos called?

Tutorial Video

Sometimes referred to as “how-to” videos, the best ones are carefully planned and have high production quality.

What is the tutorial method?

The tutorial system is a method of university education where the main teaching method is regular, very small group sessions. These are the core teaching sessions of a degree, and are supplemented by lectures, practicals and larger group classes.

What does a tutorial include?

Tutorials allow group discussion of lecture content and assessment, and presentation and debate on themes and concepts related to the course. … Most courses have one weekly tutorial.

What is an academic tutorial?

Tutorials are small group or individual meetings with an academic member of staff. They play an important part of many academic programmes and can be central to supporting your study.

What do you do in tutorials?

What does ‘tutorial participation’ involve and how can I do it?
  1. Doing assigned readings (and any other preparation)
  2. Contributing to group discussions.
  3. Demonstrating an understanding of the topic based on the assigned readings.
  4. Asking questions.
  5. Listening actively.
  6. Working collaboratively with other students.
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