How Long Is Army Recruiter School?

How Long Is Army Recruiter School?

The Army Recruiter Course (ARC) is conducted at the Recruiting and Retention School, Fort Knox, KY. The Army Recruiter Course is

Do Army recruiters get extra pay?

Recruiter Benefits

In addition to active duty pay and benefits, Recruiters receive up to $300 Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP), use of a government vehicle, and a monthly expense allowance.

Is being an Army recruiter hard?

The military has many of the hardest jobs in the world, including being a military spouse. Despite all of these demanding jobs, research and my personal experience speaking with those who have or are currently doing this job, being a military recruiter is the hardest job in the military.

Where is US Army recruiter school?

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Where do army recruiters live?

Know that some recruiter families are happy living in rural areas far away from the military. Some much prefer the North to the South — or they have big grills on their trucks. Still others have perfect extended families and treasure the time they spent together.

What do Army recruiters lie about?

You do not have to deploy.

This is a lie, everyone is eligible to deploy. Some recruiters might tell you that if you sign up for a certain job, or certain branch (Air Force is common) that you will not have to deploy. Regardless of your job or branch, you are still eligible to deploy.Jan 15, 2021

What rank is an Army recruiter?

Army Recruiter Salary

For army recruiter pay and benefits, one must hold a rank of sergeant, staff sergeant or sergeant first class – designated E-5 through E-7 – and have at least four years in the service, as well as having completed at least one term of enlistment.

Do Army recruiters work long hours?

Between phone calls and meetings, the recruiters stay in the office until 8 p.m. They work 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. four days a week, Fridays they’re let out at 5 p.m., and Saturdays they work until 3 p.m.

How do military recruiters get paid?

While Army recruiters do go through special training and gain extra pay for their work, they in-fact DO NOT get a commission based on individual recruits. Army recruiters are granted special duty pay on their bi-weekly paychecks to compensate them for their extra work and training.

Do recruiters have a quota?

In large recruiting firms, they hold their recruiters to quotas. These quotas cover anything from how many people they call per day, how many interviews they have in person, to how many people they hire. … A statistic because the recruiter needs to “interview” people so they can meet their quota.

Do recruiters deploy?

Most recruiting positions are non-deployable, but they could be pressed into service if it’s a dire need. While there’s no guarantee as an Army recruiter, this is one of the Army jobs less likely to deploy.

How are Army recruiters selected?

A: DA Selected Recruiters are NCOs whose branches have nominated them for duty as Recruiters. … Volunteer Recruiters on the other hand, complete a volunteer recruiter packet and send it to USAREC’s Recruit the Recruiter team or take it to one of the Division Outreach NCOs for review.

How many military recruiters are there?

There are approximately 10,900 Soldier and civilian recruiters working out of more than 1,400 recruiting stations across America and overseas. All have records of proven ability and potential, and each represents the finest traditions of the Army and military service.

Can you quit recruiting duty?

You can’t quit either – “quitting” recruiting duty means getting demoted in rank and barred from a career in the Marine Corps.

Can you email an Army recruiter?

Addressing a U.S. Army Recruiter

When writing an email, keep in mind these five points from intention, conciseness, the recipient, the call-to-action and the details. … Keeping your email concise is essential to ensure that no information gets lost, and be sure to only share what is necessary.

Can you have tattoos in the army?

The Army tattoo policy was updated and relaxed in 2015 but is still one of the most strict in the military. It prohibits any tattoos on the head, face, neck, wrists, hands, or above the t-shirt collar. Essentially, any visible body tattoos are prohibited.

What should I not tell my military recruiter?

Part of a video titled Things YOU Should NOT tell YOUR Recruiter. - YouTube


They can do that they will get you on and an instant you in a job you turn n MOS. But it may not beMoreThey can do that they will get you on and an instant you in a job you turn n MOS. But it may not be what you want right. So if you want to leave as soon as possible by all means go at it.

Can you quit Army during basic training?

After you arrive at boot camp, your fate still isn’t sealed. Even though you’re now on active duty, Army command can let you go without penalty during your first 180 days of service. The official term for this is entry-level separation. Boot camp is the best time because the Army has just started training you.

Can you fail basic training?

Yes, it is possible to fail basic training. You could go through the trouble of leaving your home, job, family and friends and come back a failure. In fact, this happens to about 15% of recruits who join the military every year.

How much do recruiters make?

The average recruiter in the US earns $35,000 to $200,000 per year depending on the type of recruitment they do. The wide range in average recruiter pay is due to the two fundamentally different types of recruiters. These two categories of recruiters are paid completely differently, which I’ll explain coming up.

Can Army recruiters have beards?

Only after the rank of captain, officers in the Army, Air Force and Police are allowed to wear a well trimmed moustache that doesn’t grow over the upper lip. Beards and sideburns are not allowed. The Navy does not allow facial hair.

Do recruiters get a bonus for hiring new recruits?

In fact, recruiters put more hours on-the-job than just about any person in the military. Regardless of what you’ve heard, recruiters do not get a monetary bonus for signing people up. They get their regular paycheck, whether you enlist or not.

How many hours a day you work in the military?

You will work on average 11hours per day to include physical fitness first thing of every morning. Eight hours per day depending on any emergencies. Between 10 to 12 or more. Worked about 40 hours a week.

Which military branch pay the most?

10 Highest Paid Military Branch in 2021
  • 8) United States Marine Corp- …
  • 7) German Army- …
  • 6) French Foreign Legion- …
  • 5) United States Air Force- …
  • 4) Royal New Zealand Air Force- …
  • 3) British Army- …
  • 2) Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)- …
  • 1) Australian Defense Force-

What should I wear to a military recruiter?

Business casual or smart casual attire is your best option when it comes to picking out clothes for a military recruiter interview. A neat blouse or polo paired with a skirt or slacks should suffice. A standard button-down shirt and blazer will also be good.Aug 6, 2021

Can you switch military recruiters?

Once one goes on active duty, with the exception of a few commissioned officer specialties (such as a physician), one cannot simply transfer from one branch of the service to another. … Then you have to get out of the military, and then visit a recruiter to join the different service, as a prior-service recruit.

Why do military recruiters go to high schools?

Federal and state laws require that high schools give military recruiters “the same access” to campuses as the schools provide to other people or groups who tell students about job or career possibilities.

How many calls should a recruiter make a day?

However, the range of 40-75 calls per day will apply to most recruiters. A seasoned recruiter may only need to make 40 calls per day because their calls are returned and they have deep client relationships. Their average call may last 10 minutes or more.

What do military recruiters do?

Military recruiters, sometimes known as recruiting specialists, provide information regarding service, training, and career opportunities to people interested in joining a branch of the military. They represent the military at job fairs and career programs, and with community and school groups.

What is the safest MOS in Army?

Eight of the Safest Military Jobs
  1. Administration and Support Jobs. Many of the administration roles are non-combat and are carried out at base. …
  2. Financial Management Technician. …
  3. Human Resources Specialist. …
  4. Shower/Laundry and Clothing Repair Specialists. …
  5. Legal Jobs. …
  6. Paralegal Specialist. …
  7. Medical Jobs. …
  8. Dental Specialist.
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